Overclock stable, but normal shutdown causes no boot?

So i finally got this damn thing stable, and i noticed when i actually 'shut down', on the reboot it just black screens and sits there until i shut off power supply for a bit then boot again. I was previously just hard rebooting pressing the power button earlier and had no issues, is this a normal occurrence?
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  1. It might be easier to understand what is going on if you broke everything down more and give a step by step of what is going on.

    I would also like more info, OS, hardware? How long do you wait for it to turn off?
  2. usually this is caused by hibernation cycles in a power saving setting somewhere. personally, i turn all power saving off wherever i can find them. at minimum, there's a setting in bios and windows, but possibly more if you use other power control software like a UPS.
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