Help needed. WD raptor vs SDD vs WD caviar black

hey guys im looking to build a new gaming rig and im mainly undecided on the storage device to use. im building an i7 rig and im on about a $1600/1700 budget. however i dont know what to get from the above devices. should i spend extra and get the faster raptor / sdd or should i get the cheaper 640gb caviar black?

im gona be using this rig for mainly gaming purposes (i knw i7 isnt really the best for gaming but i want to future proof me comp :D ) . will the caviar black suffice without affecting performance? your opinions will be much appreciated people! cheers
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  1. SSD -> Too early to adopt this...Still has very very high price premium for the gud ones...go with it if u want the bragging rights tats all(and yes boost in performance as well :P)...

    WD Raptor ->Actually comparing the previous gen HDD with the previous gen Raptor, the performance difference was very high...
    But when comparing the current gen HDD wit the Velociraptor, it has come down very much...mayb a few seconds lesser for map/ level loads in games tats all...So now it is not a very gud option to go with it unless u want the bragging rights...

    WD Black ->The best performance/price ratio ...having 2 in RAID 0 will give the raptor a run for its money...

    So 1st preference wd BLACK...
  2. gkay thanx for the advice, but id like to add that im no expert on raid 0 configuration.

    if i could get away with buying 1 wd black atm, would i be able to add another further down the line in raid configuration without a fresh re-install?

    and secondly would performance be still good with 1 single wd black?
  3. Not without a fresh re-install. you will need to backup your data, then you go into your raid controller...hopefully your motherboard has a good one. then you make a raid-0 configuration using two of the same drive. it can make it nearly twice as fast... just make sure your XP knows about your sata/raid controller, or provide drivers for it via F6 floppy or Nlite drivers on a XP cd. Also, some motherboards provide this information to XP install. Mine does not and I must use N-Lite. Vista should find it just fine. Good luck! WD BC 1 TB Rox
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