Keyboard not responding during boot

my keboard is not responding at all. I've tried ps/2 and usb keyboards. they light up but do nothing plase help!!
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  1. start the system and hold down F2
    go through all the bios settings, make sure plug and play is turned on, make sure PS2 is turned on, make sure USB is all turned on.
    exit the bios and save changes.
  2. you might want to try resetting cmos or it could be a motherboard faulty
    if resettings the cmos and going into bios to config doesnt work its the motherboard's ps2 port
  3. That's interesting, there have been a few similar reports within the last few hours.
    I would try repair install of the XP system, if it were mine. Seems like there is no easier solution.
  4. Hi - what if the keyboard's buttons do not work during startup and it's impossible to get into safe mode or BIOS?

    I get "keyboard failure" on startup routinely with my XP machine. Now I have malware. the malware won't let me install malwarebytes, and I can't get to safe mode because the keyboard doesn't work...can't use the arrow keys or F keys to get to where I need to go.

    Need help w/ this...anyone have any ideas on how to get my keyboard to work during startup? It's a USB keyboard of course and I know I've entered into the BIOS before, not sure what's wrong. FWIW it's a microsoft ergo 4000 keyboard.
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