evga 780i problems

hi i am trying to figure out what is going wrong with my new system build, here are my parts
antec 900
evga 8800gts 512mb
pc power and cooling 750w
2x2gb g.skill ram (780i compatible on evga website)
evga 780i
thermaltake ultra cpu cooler

so i recieved all my parts put the build together and it didnt post, nothing showing on the monitor but everything was looking fine and i ended up with the f7 error and then after ff on the motherboard screen, i would get 3 beeps at boot up, so i tested my power supply and ram and both checked out fine, i switch video cards thinking the card was defective and it posted with just 1 stick of ram the card and the proccessor, hooked up the hard drive, it worked and then went to hook up the opticle drives and then the monitor would not respond and no post. talked with evga they said that the motherboard and graphics casrd were faulty, hard to believe but ok i sent them both back

Once i recieved my new rma'd items i set up the system with everything hooked up and it posted! but then turned it off and was about the install the operating system and then i couldnt get it to boot anymore, everything turned on looked fine but my motherboard went strate to ff and nothing on the monitor, i then went to a computer store and they looked at everything couldnt get it working and said the cpu and motherboard are probably faulty so i RMA'd them both and now am currently waiting, so my question is what do you think it could be just faulty motherboards or something else, oh and i realized that the original barecode on the motherboard was under the new sticker that wsa on the motherboard leading me to believe they may have sent me a board that was previously RMA'd or something, im deeply concerned with this
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  1. This is a common issue on the 780i, I had it too :(. Check the evga forums there's some suggestions on what might fix it there. It could be a number of things, many of which I can't remember (in my case I had to overclock my PC to get it to work :heink:), if you need to get to the bios or just want to run the PC in the mean time you should be able to do the following to get the PC to boot (will need to be done every time you restart or turn off the PC aswell).

    - Turn off the PC by holding the power button on the case.
    - Pull the power plug and wait till the blue and amber LEDs on the MB to turn off.
    - Wait about 5-10 more seconds to make sure there's no power left
    - Spam the case power button a few time to be sure no power left
    - Plug in the power
    - Turn on the PC
    - Repeat until it boots (usually only took 1-3 times for me)

    Hope you get it sorted and that's the end of your troubles with the 780i, many other users are experiencing other very annoying issues with the 780i :(. I'm lucky, mine seems to not be giving me any more trouble :)
  2. did you solve this issue?

    did you find out its an issue with the 65nm with the newer 45nm bios?

    or did you mod the heat piper cooler?
  3. i had an issue with my 780i...wouldnt post either. Turns out its my RAM. I had to tweek the bios settings to allow for the higher voltage stuff. Turns out i can only use one stick of it. I have another post trying to figure out the other stick. Check your ram in the bios and make sure everything is up to par for the latency speeds and voltage. also, try one stick of ram at a time. i noticed a lot of people with the evga 780i's are thinking its their mobo when its an issue with their ram and the voltages/speeds.
  4. @ ausskiller:

    My machine has been operating more or less exactly as you described. It runs just fine after 2 or more cold boots but otherwise hangs. My question for you was what changes did you make in order to fix your setup?

  5. I think I'm having a similar problem. Did anyone above resolve their issues?
  6. I'm getting the same ff error on the 780i board. I loaded up the OS got a few blue screens before it really started to work but, the ff error is still showing up on the board. I'm able to run my system playing game and stuff but i'm concerned about the ff error i'm seeing on the board.

    Can anyone help with this issue?

    Also what cpu aftermarket cooler i can use for my board? I bought an aftermarket cooler: DuOrd for my cpu and it can only work if i take out the headsink and the top of the board. I didn't want to take the chance so i used the stock cooler for my cpu E8500.
  7. FF means boot it says in the manual
  8. I believe FF is the code used to show you booted up properly...thats a good thing,
  9. People

    I built two machines with the evga 780i sli, evga 8800gts 512, 1x wd 250 ide, 2xwd re2 250 sata raid 0, 4 gigs kingston hyper x matched set, sony dvd, samsung dvd burner, clabs x-fi extreme gamer pro, antex 900 w/additional 2x120mm fans for a total of 5 120's + 200mm on top, pc p&c silencer 750 ps, win xp 64. both machines are running extremely well since march 08. No problems what so ever. have not seen BSOD on either one. ram is recommended kit by evga. ram is set to 1080 and fsb is 1350, cpu clocked to 3g. gpu settings core 720, memory 1020, shader 1900. 3dmark06 15100. Nvidia ESA verifies above settings. I have since removed xp64 on one machine and installed winxp pro 32. same settings as above - rock steady stable.
  10. I forgot to add Q6600, everything with stock coolers.
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