4850 ATI Overdrive "Crash"

I have a sapphire 4850. The card works fine on basic clock settings however when i go to ATI overdrive and set the
clock speeds (whatever speed) when i hit apply it will be fine. When i lunch a game though it will crash. It doesn't
blue screen it just becomes black and i have to do a restart. Other info is that it
worked in the past and i reinstalled my drivers to see if that was the issue.

current clock is 625/993

Any ideas would be nice
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  1. Have you done the fan fix because if not it's running hotter than normal and not being properly cooled. Also, no guarantees when it comes to overclocking.
  2. I had the same problems still haven't found a solution and my GPU temps runs idle at 44C
  3. Yes i did the fan fix i have it running at 60% and its idles 48C
  4. I just installed the new 8.9 drivers and still get the same problem
  5. Yeah thats happens to me as well, wierd
  6. i got a palit hd4850... i don't have a game crash but some times the catalyst driver crashes on a bootup and alsoduring normal usage, sometimes some windows have messed up displays...

    it only oc'd from 625 to 665 mhz.. it's not thaaaat bad is it??!
  7. No it crashes if its only a small oc... no matter what it will not run on a different clock
  8. Yeah, I have this problem as well. Any ideas would be appreciated. Also, what's the standard settings for the clocks?

    Mine also did the black screen thing (as if going into standby but nothing works) during the auto-tune process. It also crashes like that in games...works fine, than black-screen and monitor led flickers as if it is in standby, but only hard-reset will work.
  9. If your graphics card cannot run stable under a different Clock, there is nothing you can do. Your GPU is not overclockable. As for my XFX HD 4850 1gb GPU, I can get:
    Overclock Stock
    Core: 675mhz Core: 625 mhz
    Memory: 1075 Memory: 993 mhz

    I tried to max it at 700 mhz core and 1200 mhz memory however it gave me a lot of display driver failures in order words it was beyond my card's capability..
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