Need advice on PSU..

hey guys...
im in a process of planning my new system...

processor: e8400 or q9450 (can't decide)
mobo: gigabyte P35 ds3r
ram:corsair xms 2G ddr2 800
GPU: undicided
case: coolermater centurion 5 is fine with me(any suggestion??)
i need an advice here... my line up would be
Enermax 535w
ACbel intelligent power 550w
gigabyte odin pro 550w
HEC winpower 550w

btw my budget for the system is $1000(thats around 40K PHP)
i live in the philippines so the choices is limited (and the pricing not that good, phenoms are more expensive than Q6600)

tnx guys....
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  1. Out of all your choices, I'd go with the Enermax.


    The Q9450 may require new / additional motherboard support to run. So if you decide to choose it over the E8400, I'd wait on buying the motherboard until you find one that you know works with it.

    As for the GPU, I'd go for an 8800GT 512MB if they're available in your area. If you want a cooler, quieter PC, you can go for the slightly more expensive 8800GTS 512MB.
  2. I would probably go with the Gigabyte or the Enermax. :)
  3. 4 votes Enermax. I've been with the Galaxy for about 2 years. They replaced my faulty one with a NEW one for free.

    Get the CM690 case if you can. Cools better than my old one with 25cm fan.

    Go with e8400. I don't think the Q9450 is in stock.
  4. Enermax has great local support too. I'm in Cebu Philippines

    I got this one for my new build

    Infinity Series
    EIN650AWT = 650watt
    try browsing around because they are the distributor on most parts we get in the Philippines
  5. gigabyte is a good brand but when it comes to after sale support... it does matter. you wouldnt want ending with no replacement or repair options on an expensive PSU
  6. tnx guys...

    ok ill take your advice.. ill go with enermax

    as for the mobo does the P35 DS3R will not support the q9450??

    is inno3d 8800GT a good card for USD250??
  7. Enermax makes great power supplies, I am very happy with my Infiniti 720W. The Infiniti and Galaxy series are some of the best around.
  8. Quote:
    as for the mobo does the P35 DS3R will not support the q9450??
    As far as I know, this information is still unknown.
  9. rgeist554 said:
    as for the mobo does the P35 DS3R will not support the q9450??
    As far as I know, this information is still unknown.

    ok tnx..

    i'll just wait around a bit...

    i've heard the 9600Gt's are coming out...
  10. ^^^ Out of the box, probably not. It will probably need a bios update with an old cpu. You can ask a computer store to do it for you for a fee.
  11. ouch...

    can i update the bios even with a processor on the mobo???
  12. Probably not. You need to prepare the bios floppy on a working pc in advance. Try the new cpu. If no luck, ask a store to do it.
  13. i see...

    that would be troublesome...

    if that is the case i think i'll just get the E8400...

  14. Definitely the e8400. Or if you wanna go quad core the Q6600 for the same price. Bit slower but 4 cores rather than 2.

    Motherboard I don't like Gigabyte. I've sold many and had them die over the years. My all time favorite is always Abit for many reasons and it's all I sell exclusively now. The P35-Pro is nice.

    Ram you should be able to get 2x2GB 4GB kit in your system at that price. Whatever is cheapest. OCZ, Corsair, etc... as long as it's lifetime warranty by a brand name, and has good timings. I like OCZ.

    GPU - There are some mail in rebates on the 8800GTS 512MB cards. It brings their prices down to the same as an 8800GT. Definitely worth every penny. Go for an 8800GTS.

    CPU - I'd go for an Antec Neo. Modular, quality, efficient, 5 year warranty.

    Case - The centurion is fine and not too expensive.
  15. I'm going to be first to break the mold and Recommend a Seasonic PSU. I just picked up a 700w M12 model, and it is dead silent thanks to 80%+ certified efficiency. Even with my OC'd E8400 and HD 3870 X2, it's still silent, and the only thing i hear is 4 case fans, and the gfx card when it gets hot. I'd recommend an ATI GPU, however an 8800 GTS 512(G92) is one heckova card and runs faster, cooler, and quieter for cheaper than practically every model in it's price range. The only reason why i got a 3870X2 because Crossfire scaling pwns, I love the image quality, and I got mine for $380USD.

    Case; the CM690 is CHEAP for alot of space. I have a Coolermaster from 2001 that i still use so i can attest to their quality. lets just say that only up until right before i built my new system in it was the time it was getting cramped. and that was with 4 HDDs, 2 Optical Drives, 2 PCI cards, 2-slot X850XT, and a bad tangle of power and IDE cables.

    I'm very happy with my Gigabyte board overall, but i have the X38-DQ6, but quality and stability is top-notch. I don't think there's anything to fault with getting a Gigabyte mobo currently. Normally i would edge towards an Abit myself though.
  16. i like to try abit but i dont think its available here in my country... i been looking for abit for a while now but no luck... my next option is MSI if gigabyte is not that good...

    for the ram i think i'll stick with 2G for now... im only going to use xp anyway...

    which is better antec or corsair HX520?? I've already decided to get the enermax but when i saw corsair i like to consider it as an option... you know, i just want the best for my money :)

  17. the MSI P35 board is okay iirc... don't take my word for it though, in general, the chipset is excellent.

    Get the Corsair PSU. It's very likely that Seasonic makes it for them, and, again, they rock.
  18. tnx serj...

    i'll stick with gigabyteand i'll change my psu from enermax to corsair...

    as for the GPU i thnk i'll just wait fir the 9600GT to arrive here....

    then i'll compare the price with the 3870... (i take the cheaper one) :)
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