Using Cisco Phones at home via VPN

Ok so basically I want to create a vpn tunnel back to my office, and have both voice and data coming across.

I've done this before, however i had a "Hardware VPN Client" and now i don't.

So here goes what I was thinking


One PC - 2 NIC Cards

Catalyst 500 POE Switch

Cisco 7941 Phone


Here is how I think it should work

I'm thinking that I can Start the VPN on the PC through NIC-0, get connected to the office, yet somehow link NIC-1 to NIC-0 so that devices on the catalyst can pull DHCP across the VPN and allow my Cisco 7941 to connect to the Call Manager back at my office.

Crude but simple layout below

Cisco 7941 => Catalyst => NIC-1 => PC-VPN => NIC-0 => Router => Internet => Office Firewall => Cisco System

If anyone has any pointers or has done this before, please let me know.
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  1. Get a softphone that runs on the computer. Get a headset/mic and your done. No need for a physical phone. This would work anywhere you have internet that you can run the vpn on. Just make sure you connect the VPN first then start the phone.
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