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I have a BT878 TV/Tuner card and Creative Audigy Live sound card which worked great on WindowsXp. In Vista my BT878 does not detect my Audigy Line-In as the play back/recording device. This problem keeps me away from migrating to Vista. I have installed latest drivers for both Audigy and BT878.

Please help.
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  1. Why are you wanting to migrate to Vista?

    If you want to keep your old hardware, basically that means no Vista, especially for tuner cards, BTW that's not the card it's the chip, and you need to go to the card mfr for better driver support, but don't expect much.
    That's the story with Vista, no driver support from mfrs, as much as I hate M$ for their anti-com practices, they gave people enough warning this was coming, and it's been enough time since launch for them to support their hardware.
  2. Thanks TheGreatGrapeApe

    My TV/Tuner is a PlayTV Pro2 from Pixelview. They have the Vista driver. But it seems that the problem is with my sound card. Can somebody tell me a TV/Tuner software for Vista. Because what Pixelview has provided is not very good (Really poor interface etc.) Then I can use my O/B sound for the TV/Tuner.

    Well, I'm have used Vista for a while now. So far I have no complains other than lack of hardware support. For that we cannot blame Vista but hardware manufacturers for not supporting Vista and ourselves for keeping some old hardware that we love.
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