AMIBIOS - Error Code 0075

I have an Asrock ALIVE NF6G-DVI based system.

It recently stopped booting (intermittantly) and when it fails to boot I get the error code 0075 in the bottom right of the screen.

I removed all cards from the system, so it was just CPU, hard drive, DVD drive and memory. Using onboard video.
Still have the problem.

Any information on what this code is would be appreciated.

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  1. 0075 - "Initialize Int-13 and prepare for IPL detection."

    Deassemble. If pluging unpluging ur parts dosen't help, your motherboard got some serius issue.

    wish u luck
  2. Hi,
    if the error code stated 007e. what is that suppose to mean.
    its that problem due to my DDR2 or what. since i have no problem if i change my DDR2.
    can anyone help me to clarify this error code.
  3. i believe its hardrdrive related
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