How do you use your extra HDD's?

I'm not sure how people use their extra hardrives, it's in the computer, but I don't know how to save things directly to them. Basically what I'm saying is there just sitting there gathering dust, they have no problems their fine, but I just never use them. How do you use your HDD's? I want to use my extra HDD's but I don't want to have to drag and drop files on them in order to get things on them, I want to be able to save directly to them. How do I do that? Is there a way to maybe combine my HDD's as 1? Or just svae directly to the other hard drives? How do you get files onto your other hard drives?
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  1. Seriously?
    Any internet browser has a default download location, as well as , lets say , torrent programs. Look under OPTIONS in the corresponding program to determine where it downloads files to by 'default'. Change it to the corresponding HDD.
    I 'install' stuff to C:, and download virtually everything else to another hdd. Doing that helps keep your main HDD from gettin fragmented all to hell.
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