Full Line of $199 8800GT at Newegg from 2/27/08

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  1. Dammit so it finally happened, well I still had my 8800GT for $237 back in November....My favorite of the choses is the MSI and the ECS(Which has the very nice accelero S1 already attached) I had to pay another $30 for my accelero/fan with shipping from the egg.It's ok I got a lotta nice gaming done from then till now and will continue too, sweet card, nice prices.
  2. get this first one.that heat sink and fan is worth it.
  3. mayukawa said:
    XFX 8800GS 384MB for only $129 after MIR

    Oh man, nice find. $130 shipped AR now, that is too good to pass up. I added the 4GB thumb drive combo too (ends up being free) which also has a $5 rebate(not sure if they will honor it). If so, it's $125 AR's for the 8800GS and the 4GB thumb drive.
  4. it's not $199 anymore
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