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I have a fantastic gaming rig that I built myself and I have been gradually updating my hardware as it gets better. I have not had a problem with any of the 2009 or 2010 games that have come out except for FEAR 2. On my system all my games get excellent frame rates of up to 75 FPS on my 20' monitor at highest possible settings through the Nvidia control panel and through the games themselves. Fear 2 however, seems to constantly play at 20-28 FPS. no matter what the graphics settings are, even if they are the lowest possible. I bought the game from Wal-Mart but it plays through steam and I'm thinking that that's where the issue lies. I know its not poor processing power or GPU. Any ideas? here are my specs:

Mobo: AsRock X58 Extreme
CPU: i7 Bloomfield 2.6 GHZ over-clocked at 4.0 GHZ
RAM: 6 GB tripple channel DDR3 Ram
GPU: 2 Galaxy Geforce GTX 456 1GB Video memory on SLI
OS: Windows XP SP3

Any help would be much appreciated :}
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  1. Does the same thing happen when you play the game with 1/2 screen instead of full screen?
  2. I hadn't thought to try so I did. It still has low framerate.
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