8800 GTS (G92) insufficient power?

Long time reader, first time poster.
Its abit of a read, but I had to get all the info out there.

I recently built my new system and am having some trouble with my graphics card power requirement.

This is the hardware im using:
CPU: Intel Q6600
GFX: Asus 8800 GTS 512mb (G92)
M/B: Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3P
RAM: 2x1gb DDR2 Kingson-800
PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower 600W
HDD: 250gb Seagate 7,200 RPM SATA
OPD: Lite-On LH-20A1H IDE
All packed inside a Thermaltake Armor.

So I clipped and screwed all my parts together, installed Windows Xp and the Nvidia 169.21 drivers. As soon as XP loads, the Nvidia System Sentinel (lol) tells me that my card isn't getting enough power and has been throttled down (close to the performance of a 7600).

So I shutdown my computer and open up my case. The 6pin PCI-E power plug is plugged sound into the extra power slot on the graphics card, so ok, maybe the plugs just faulty. So I get out the molex-to-6pin converter and get the 6pin going off 2 molex connectors. Load Windows, all good, the Nvidia System Sentinel isnt there to tell me off and im away playing Bioshock for afew hours.

The next day, played about 10+ hours of BioShock, max settings, followed by some Half-Life 2, still no insufficient power nags, went to sleep.

The following day, I fire up my computer and decide to install Kaspersky Internet Security, so I install it, it tells me to reset, and I do. Loading XP right after the restart, my good friend the Nvidia System Sentinel pops up telling me I have insufficient power and my card has once again been throttled down. So after restarting it afew times and trying every 6pin PCI-E connection concoction known to man, the System Sentinel just keeps looking for trouble.

After trolling Google for some answers(all the answers though are mostly crap), there seems to be a bug going around where the 8800 GT/GTX/GTS doesnt request power fast enough through the addional PCI-E power cable from the PSU during the boot which leads to the Nvidia System Sentinel getting all flustered and tinkering with your cards performance in Windows. But that doesnt seem the case to me because I had it going for 2 days, with afew planned restarts and shutdowns.

Now on the graphics card box it stats "A minimum 400W system power supply(with 12V current rating of 26A)."
Now the Thermaltake Toughpower 600w has a combined output of 48a over 4x +12V rails.

So im stuck using an 7600 equivalent till my baby starts pumping out 62.2 GBs of bandwidth like it should , help me THG!
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  1. Hey man,

    Im no specialist but im keen to help.
    Have you tried removing some components to see if your PSU is functioning properly?

    Remove a stick of ram and your dvd writer and anything else you can spare, then give it a go!

    See what happens....
  2. Not a bad idea to unplug some components and boot up like Poop said. Poop...imagine that, when I was young one of my buddies was called magot.

    You could try the Card in another system and see what message does or doesn't pop up. Or, of course try a different PSU.
  3. There is a problem with some PSUs and the 8800GTS/GT. Apparently they don't power up fast enough, or the card doesn't see it or something like that, and the card thinks it's power starved even though it isn't. I'll look for a link.

    Here you go. NVIDIA Forums -> timeline for power indicator fix?
  4. Woo thanks, that Nvidia timeline is quite interesting.
    But after much testing and tinkering, its the graphics card not asking for enough power doing boot sometimes.
    Today, out of the blue, it just magically had enough power to supply my graphics card so I could run it to its full potential.

    So im currently thinking about buying another PSU, that doesnt have any issues.
  5. A new PSU wouldn't hurt. I have a 600 CoolMax with an e6400 C2D and 8800GTS 512 and it's fine. Your Q6600 is going to take more power than the dual cores. Maybe its just on that boarder as well. It technically should be fine really but I wouldn't want to deal with that crap. haha
  6. Your PS is more than enough for your load....I had a similar message on my PC everytime it gets out of sleep mode. It is gone now.

    How did i fix it:
    Make sure that i use the correct PS connector to the video card.
    I use one PS line just for the Video card no other load.
    Make sure that the contacts/connections are good.
    I measure the voltage with a DVM and it's all within specs. I plot the actual voltage using a scope from the time the PC get out of sleep mode to the time the PS stabilize.

    I load latest bios on my MOBO
    Load the latest driver from NVDIA.
    Run Nvidia Ntune

    This is a software(Bios/Driver) related problem that Video Card software is checking the power supply way before the PS is enabled/settled by the motherboard. Its software synchronization issue.

    My setup is below:
    CPU: q6600
    MOBO: ASUS Maximus Formula (X38)
    GPU: BFG 8800GT OC 512
    MEM: 8 Gybte
    OS: Vista 64
    DISPLAY: 70 Inch HDTV
    PS: Antec Quatro 850....(Take note my PS is bigger than what you have and still encountered this problem early on).
    HD: 2x 750Gbyte Drive(SATA-300)
    Optical: LG BR/HD-DVD

    Hope this helps...
  7. Wow, Leon.

    That is thorough work friend!
    Which arm did you sell for your TV? LOL!

    Armor, I liked the idea of putting the Graphics card on its own power rail, try it if your problem persists.
  8. I had a similar problem with my 8800 GTX and then my 8800 GTS 512 which I replaced it with.
    Whenever I would hibernate the PC it would do a power cycle down and then up and then re-enter windows and Nvidia sentinel would inform my card was not getting enough power.
    In the end no one could really help me so I figured it was an compatibility problem between vista's hibernate function and GTX/GTS cards.
  9. I never use suspend/hibernate, MS never got it right. IMO that problem is Nvidia's not MS's or the PSU manufacturer's. Nvidia is just shifting blame.
  10. Companies involved in this problem are pointing fingers....Nvidia, PS-Vendors....

    When i called Antec they don't have clear understanding of the problem and yet they offer to replace my PS(Antec Quatro). The problem went away so i ended up keeping what i have.

    Asus have a default response " Load a new BIOS"

    I think its Nvdia. I plug in a 3870 board and never had an issue with power supply.


    I use it all the time. It seems to work for me. What i do is remove program that runs in the backgroung trying to access the net checking for updates etc...Asus, LG, Logitech all have background programs that runs after boot-up and check the net for updates. I took it all out.

    I dont shutdown my PC. I just log off and let go to sleep mode.

    70inch TV: Costco online gave me a $2000 discount Feb 2007...I can't say no to that. My old 70 Inch (analog) gave up... Skip lunch for a while to get the darn thing... :)

    Power Supply Load Distribution:
    GPU: Most expensive component and extremely sensitive... One line is dedicated for it.
    Mobo: Has its own connector
    HD: Combined in one line. Normally i have 2 HD.
    Optical Drive: If you have more than one then one line will do. Those LG drives for Blue Ray and HD-DVD are expensive. This can shared with HD if close enough.
    Fans: One separate line just for fans/coolers.

    Rule of Thumb...Separate loads with Motors from the sensitive load.

    Downside with this is Wiring nightmare....Its a mess
  11. This was an issue a while back. Some people solved it by RMAing the power supply, some people solved it by RMAing the card or both.
    I think it's Nvidia poor quality.
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