First E8400 Build, Please Comment

New to the forum here, help appreciated. I am considering the following build around an E8400. I'd love any general comments/recommendations or answers to a few specific questions.

Arctic Cooling 7 CPU Cooling

EVGA 512-P3-N801-AR GeForce 8800GT 512MB Graphics Card (Should I be looking for something else considering that this is PCI 2.0 and I really don't need that?)

OCZ GameXStream PSU (I think my PSU is a bit more than I need considering the rest of my components and any recommendations to something else?)

G.Skill 4GB RAM DDR2 1066

ASUS P5K-E Motherboard

Antec 900 Case

or Apevia Case (looks better)

I'll probably reuse old harddrive and dvd drives, etc. Do I have enough cooling for my system with just the Apevia case or will I need the Antec or maybe even dedicated cooling? I'm not planning on overclocking ATM. And the idea of my build is just to get a nice gaming computer for right now. I'm not planning on upgrading so having PCIe 2.0, DDR3, SLI/Xfire abilities really doesn't matter much on the mobo.
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  1. Holy crap! Looks like an overclocker suggested the parts to you. Except for the Apevia case. If you don't o/c, the Apevia is ok. Make sure it has an exhaust fan.
  2. A few things:

    I wouldn't bother with 1066-speed RAM. They're a lot more expensive than 6400, and they don't offer that much performance gain for the cost. I have Crucial Ballistix, which I've overclocked to those same speeds in less than a minute, no problem. I have 4x1GB, though, so if you want to stay with 2x2, try these:

    I personally have the Antec Nine Hundred case, and it's amazing. You won't have any issues with proper ventilation, and it's very quiet. I would seriously recommend not getting that apevia case. I've seen them and messed with them in person, and they kinda have a cheap feel/look to them, but that's just my opinion.

    Your PSU is a fine choice, one which I considered before deciding on the PC Power and Cooling 610. Motherboard is also great. Don't worry about the PCI 2.0/1.0 difference. As I understand it, the difference is negligible, and you're not buying more than you need. Stick with that 8800 GT, too, unless you want to pop for the GTS (G92 core, of course, not the older ones).

    Great build.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys! I learned quite a bit here and independently.

    I think based off what I've learned... I'm going to shoot for a 3.6 GHz overclock which just maxes out the DDR2 800 RAM (without overclocking the RAM) as suggested and I'll get DDR2 800 RAM which will be a lot cheaper.

    I'll probably hold off on the dedicated CPU cooler and see if I need it in the Antec case. Can always put that in later.

    If that plan's ok; what do you think about a slightly cheaper mobo that shaves 70 dollars off. My old one supported DDR 2 1066, but since I really don't need that, how's about this one?

    Thanks and will start putting together soon.
  4. that's a hectic overclock... go beef up your CPU coolng, and don't dare try it (ocing) without a proper heatsink, Antec 900 or not... i'll say Thermaltake Ultra-120 or Zalman CNPS 9700LED for you... more expensive, yes, but you'll need it to hit those speeds
  5. Beside TRUE, look at other coolers like Tuniq, Typhoon, Infinity, Ninja, etc.

    The DS3L will overclock well.
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