8800GT overclocking, bottleneck

whats goin on, dudes?

so i got that MSI 8800GT with the sweet cooler from the Egg for $200.
i love it.
it idle's around 47.

so, naturally, i'm thinking about overclocking (crysis is the only game that i can't run at max)
but i hear MSI voids the warranty for overclocking.

so he's my problem:
i'm running a Pentium D @3.0GHz (waiting for nehalem to upgrade)
with 2GB of 533Mhz ram.
vista ultimate, 32bit

if the my GPU is bottlenecked, i dont see the sense in overclocking and voiding the warranty.
but if i will see a performance boost, i'll go for it.


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  1. Overclocking the gpu will only boost you several fps. IMO, it's not worth it. Moreover, you'll void the warranty. Instead, overclocking the cpu will net you overall performance gains.

    In your case, instead you oc your gpu (and void the warranty) for several fps gain, it's better upgrade your Pentium D to at least C2D and you'll notice a huge performance gain.
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