Bout that time...

Alright guys been noticing my computer is starting to decrease in performance badly so I believe it's time for an upgrade. Mainly gonna be using this for high-end gaming and stuff. Tell me what ya think and of course criticism is welcomed.





Power Supply

Hard Drive


Think thats everything... Thanks again guys :)
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  1. Excellent card, thats what I have. But honestly, If I were in your shoes, I would get a 3870.
    More along these lines. :)
    Everything else looks absolutely fantastic!
    Best of luck bud
  2. Or you can get the 8800GT 512 for a little more after rebate. As far as noise goes, you can use a program to control the fan speed.

    The psu isn't very good. Pick up a tier 1/2:

    The rest are good.
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