External HDD for 2.5" replacement?

I'm looking to upgrade my PS3 HDD. It'll take any 2.5" SATA. Browsing through Newegg, I found an external HDD to backup all of my stuff, and while browsing the 2.5" internal HDD's, I noticed that the external 2.5" was a better deal ($70 for 400g). Would it be possible to take the HDD out of the external enclosure and use it as the internal HDD for my PS3?

This is the specific one I'm talking about:

Also, would it be worth risking voiding the warrenty by taking the drive out of the enclosure?
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    I wouldn't try it - I've taken apart external hard drives before, and it is nearly impossible to do without damaging something. Why not just get one of these:

    It's nearly the same cost per gb...
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