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Hell guys, i have one problem. Ever since i installed new windows XP on my new PC, the gif animations play WAY too fast. Is there a way to fix this? Thx.
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  1. Are you using windows media player to play the animations, or what program are you using to play them?
  2. Im using ACDsee. No matter what i use, its too fast! Even on msn. With most of the gifs that is. But on Opera web browser they move normally.
    they have a support forum, and I would try posting the question in that forum. We would deal with media player in this forum. /cgi-bin/acdsystems.cfg/ php/enduser/ask.php
    They also have a support tech that you can contact at above link. Take the spaces out of the above link before copy paste to browser window.

    Another option is to un-install ACDsee, then reinstall it. It may have an error in the installation.
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