EVGA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB AKIMBO Superclocked


Looks like evga released an 8800gt with a double slot cooler

and very high clocked aswell!

core : 720
Memory : 2000
Shader clock : 1728MHz

This card cost more than the 8800GTS 512, is it worth buying over the GTS? I doubt it.
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  1. neone?
  2. uhhhhhh... yes this is all true information
  3. I'd go for an 8800GTS any day of the week.

    You're paying more for less SP's and a few mhz that can easily be acheived on a GTS anyway.
  4. I see you can buy the dual slot cooler for the 8800GT's. That is awesome cause my card is getting hot. I am at 63*C idle and get to 82*C in a matter of seconds when I start a game. I am glad I seen this, I will order this as soon as possible.
  5. Or you could do this:
    cost = $251-260.00
    instead of:
    if you can find one:
    cost = $290-300.00

    Save some $, maybe a slot, and maybe have better temps
    I get 40c idle, 57c load
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