need help to overclock xfx 680i lt & e7200

hi all, i have a xfx 680i lt sli mb, 4gb of corsair xms2 memory, 2 8800gt video cards ect,and i just put in a e7200,when i overclock it to 3.2ghz it crashes with the blue screen of death,can anyone help me please on what to do for a stable overclock.
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  1. Start with a 5mhz increase in fsb from stock. Run OCCT or Orthos, (if it is Orthos make sure you do it for at least 2hr for a quick stability test, 8 hrs+ for full stability test). During this process watch your 100% load temps to ensure they don't get above lower 70's at most. If you find instability then up the voltage a little bit and repeat until you can't go any higher.

    Follow this basic process and you should avoid this issue.
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