New Seagate hard drive and possible raid 0.

I bought a new seagate 500gb hard drive today to go with my 500gb wd hard drive i tried using my mobos build in raid setup, i can get my dvd drive to boot into the windows cd but at that it asks me for drivers. When i go into windows on the old wd with the seagate plugged in normally windows sees it says its there but in my computer it isnt displayed as a drive.

I'd like to get raid setup that would be cool, but even if i could get the hard drive working that would be nice. Specs are in sig.
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  1. I tried chkdsk F: in cmd and got "cannot open volume for direct access"
  2. Thanks for all the VIEWS.
  3. What exactly is it you want to do with your 2 drives?
    If you are trying to set up RAID 0, you apparently need some specific instruction, as it appears that you don't know exactly how to do this.
    Let us know.......
  4. It sounds like you need to allocate the new HD in disc management.
  5. Yeah, but if he is trying to set up a RAID 0 array, getting the new disk to appear in Windows is kind of pointless.
    That won't get him going in the direction he needs to take to build his array and get it working correctly.
  6. It's just a personal preference. I prefer to allocate and format new drives that way. Once it's formatted, then the OP can go into the RAID bios and add the drive to an array or create a whole new array.

    BTW, installing windows on a RAID array requires special drivers for the mass storage device. You will need them on a bootable disc if you plan to create a new array and install windows.
  7. yeah i wanna get the raid working if possible but if not id settle for the drive working. where can i get those drivers?

    im installing vista and it gave me an option to put in another cd and get drivers from that and my moboset up jboy or something raid, not raid 0.
  8. You can get them from your mobo manufacturer's website. You then need to create a bootable floppy and put those drivers on it. Then when you install windows on the array, hit f6 right at the beginning to install the raid drivers. After that, windows will continue to install on your array.
  9. sounds easy enough, how do i set it to RAID 0? it was jyob or something.

    i dont have a floppy, is a usb drive ok?
  10. with vista, usb is ok

    you need to enter the RAID bios, define the array, then install the os on the array. the array will appear as one hdd, not 2.

    usually, mobo manual, or the cd, has good explanation on how to do it
  11. ^ +1
    I've never worked w/ raid in vista, but Pat's advice sounds valid. Floppy's are becoming extinct.

    Once you are in the raid bios, it's pretty self explanatory. Just include the drives you want, and choose the type of array you want to build.
  12. aford10 - Good advice, like the Usb option. Just a small comment, the Floppy does not have to be bootable as the system has already "booted" when it ask for the "F6" drivers.
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