Need help with settings on X38-DS4

Hello, I have been reading alot of things about people overclocking there E8400s pretty far. I was going to try mine and see what I can get out of it but im unsure on what to set the other settings to. Basicly I need to know what certain things need to be changed prior to upping the clock speed.

I thank you for any help I can get.

E8400 w Freezer 7 pro
(2) 1GB Crucial Ballistix 800
OCZ 520W Power supply
Maxtor 500GB
WD 250GB
Lite-on all in one
Windows Vista Home Premium
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  1. I just want to know about the gigabyte board. It seems like you guys are hesitant to help. Am I asking a dumb question? Should the C1E be on or off? performance enhance Standard or turbo? Things like that. I just dont want to be having problems with something I have no clue how to set. I just need the base settings of what I should do before upping anything.

  2. Well disabling all of those things (like C1E) in the bios is to relive stress on nb, although it usually isn't necessary as most people (especially those on air) won't get to an fsb where that matters. I don't think most people here use Gigabyte mobos, as they are not the greatest OCers, but I will give you some general directions.

    You can disable all the cpu features (like virtualization) if you want, might as well since tey won't really be used. I would recommend disabling EIST/C1E/SpeedStep as that underclocks your cpu.

    Other than that just go at the OCing. I would raise the fsb in 5mhz steps and keep the ram at 1:1 initially (you can go back and mess with the divider later). Then stress test, I recommend OCCT as it is the fastest tester in my personal experience (what failed after 6hrs P95 small ffts failed instantly in OCCT) and it provides good data. Keep going until you hit instability and then up voltage and retest. Watch your temps to make sure they don't get too high as well.
  3. Im at 3175mhz right now. Voltage on the ram is 2.08 and Cpu is at 1.20.

    Im not really sure what you mean by setting the ram to 1:1. What exactly do I change to do this. Right now timings are set at 4-4-4-12
  4. Ok, I got the ram to 1:1 and got the speed up to 3571mhz. Had to up the voltage twice. Once to 1.25 and then to 1.29. It appears to be very stable at this speed and temp is about 29c on core 1 and 39c on core 2 at idle. Why such a difference? Either way, Ill see if I can get it to 3.7 tonight.

    Right now temps under load are 39 on core 1 and 49 on core 2. It will go to 51c on core 2 but the fan speeds up and pulls it down to 49 again. So it seems to be controlling temps pretty easy. I have the cpu fan settings VERY slow and have alot left in it. The most ive seen is 1525rpm and thats when load testing.
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