XP SP3 computer loses funcionality after joining domain

Hello all,

I currently look after a network of 20 computers, some running windows 7 and most running XP sp3 (32+64bit) Mine is 32bit.
I joined my computer to the domain after a fresh install of XP. Here are where the problems started.

After about 15 minutes I lost internet connection. About 20 minutes later the computer could not open or close any programs without killing the process. Then I lost network connection and was left with only the task manager running and no explorer open.

I managed to install SP3 after downloading it on a seperate computer and running it on a disk.

I have taken the computer off the domain and it runs perfectly.

I disabled all GPO from this computer and user. Still did not work.

Removed any links/network drives created from previous GPO.

My server is running Windows SBS 2008.

The only main changes I have made was adding the users into the SBS console as they were not before and I wanted them to access our internal remote site.

All other xp computers have been fine apart from mine. But bear in mind that this problem emerged about a month after the changes.

I think that's everything, any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Mitch
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  1. Try a couple of things:

    1: Update your servers OS software if you have not already.
    2: unplug your ethernet cable and then reset the IP Address through the following process
    A: Start-->RUN
    B: Type "cmd" into the box and click ok
    C: Type "ipconfig/release" and hit enter
    D: reconnect the ethernet cable
    E: Type "ipconfig/renew" and hit enter
    F: close the window
    3: Update windows on your computer, if possible.
    4: if "explorer.exe" is not running, do the following
    A: open the task manager (ctrl+shift+esc)
    B: go to processes and search for "explorer.exe"
    C: if the process is running, end the process, otherwise skip to step D
    D: run a new task through the file option in the top left corner of the task manager window, and run "explorer.exe"

    Let me know if any of this helps. I too run a network in my office, and have everyone connected to a domain. The only difference, is that im running SBS 2003.

  2. Hi Trey,

    Thanks for the post, My server has all the latest updates.

    I have tried re-setting the IP address and adapter but to no luck. It still shows as being connected but it still doesnt.

    Also by the time that the system loses functionality, I will be able to enter the explorer process but it will not load.

    This is the strangest problem that I have ever come across.

  3. Seems like this is pretty unsolvable.
  4. Have you tried running any Malware or Virus/trojan scans? If not, check out the following link to a post by aford10:

  5. Yes sorry forgot to mention that. Have run full virus/spyware scans in safe mode and normal. have run this on server and computer.
  6. Have you tried doing a repair of windows? It seems that when you log into the domain, it creates what i call a "catch" in the system that it cant get past. This could be due to an error regarding the domain programming of Windows. Try running a repair if you have not yet tried it. See if it helps anything.
  7. Sorry for a late reply.

    I have done a windows repair but still no luck. It seemed fine for a while straight after the repair but after about an hour it went again. It is very odd as I have taken all gpo off the user and computer. What I might try is do a fresh install of xp and delete all records of the computer off the server, then give it a new name.
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