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I'm building a new gaming PC soon, and was originally planning on using an Intel E8400 chip in the build. With all the supply problems I'm having to look at alternatives. I found a website that sells the Intel Xeon E3110, and has several in stock. I've heard several people say it's the exact same processor. Is that the case, and will it still be okay with the motherboard I'm getting (Abit IP35 Pro shown here I'm also considering getting an Intel E6850 or an Intel Q6600 Quad core instead of the E8400. Will both these work okay with my motherboard, and which would you suggest I get if I need to get something else. I plan on overclocking if it makes a difference.
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  1. the "problem" with e8400's is just a temp sensor right? and the enormous price gouging :p
    I would reccomend the q6600 but thats just me and my futureproofing instincts
  2. The website I found actually isn't gouging prices, the E3110's they have are being sold for $219. I've not heard of temperature sensor problems though, what are you referring to?
  3. skip the 8400 and wait the 8500 or use a q6600

    the 8400 does not run as fast as it should and the new chips will have new stepping and should run faster
  4. Q6600.
    Intel is only producing 100,000 yorkies and wolfies a day. They are not yet fully ramped. That means there are still a few minor bugs in 45nm. Why be thier ginea pig, when you have such a great option?
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