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I have Athlon64 5000+ Black Edition, cores running @ 2.8 (14*200, stock voltages). I am concerned about my temperatures: the CPU idles around 36-40°C and under stress 50-54°C. Is this normal? My cooler is Zalman CNPS9500 AM2.


Everest & HWMonitor:

The CPU jumps almost instantly to ~50°C under stress. I used Zalman STG1 thermal paste. I know the heatsink's supposed to stay still after it's laid down on the cpu but I find that almost impossible to do because of the retention mechanism. So could the heatsink movement during installation hinder the effect of my thermal grease? I am thinking of trying Arctic Silver or some other paste with higher viscosity.

Edit: Oh and as the core temps never get above 30°C how come the processor temp is this high? Although, I've read there are problems with Brisbane temp readings. And my idle core temps show up as <10°C so they can hardly be accurate?
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  1. It´s ok +50°C is not much sinc OC and under stress..
    You can go 15*200 easy...
    since you can keep normal voltages...
    I have idle +38°C ( 15*202 CNPS9700 NT /5000be)
    You can add case fan.. cooler to better...
  2. If the fan connector on the cooler is a 4 pin pwm style, then go into bios and set it so it spins up to a higher speed at a desired temp. If it uses an external fan control dial, then turn up the RPM on the CPU fan. You're hsf is running well below 1000rpm, so thats a pretty good temp for that speed. or at least thats what it's showing under HWmonitor. Considering your ambient temps, thats actually pretty good, though if your case ambient is sitting at 35c you need some better airflow, or you need to turn on an air conditioner if its just that warm in your room.
  3. My temps on a 6000+ are about 47C at stress and close to your idle temps with a Thermalright 1200 tower cooler on it. My buddy has the same CPU and cooler and he's getting temps Somehow he gets 43C at stress. He's using a different Mobo and case though. Mine may not flow as well as his...

  4. Well, I ordered Scythe Mugen and Arctic Alumina. Hopefully they arrive in 2-3 weeks. Also I'll be changing my 8cm case fans to 12cm.
  5. Quote:
    I would consider under 60c safe. Just keep in mind that during the peak of summer, depending on your ambient room temperature, those temps could go up significantly.

    Great point. When I was going through college I lived in my parents basement and it was always cool there. But on the weekends I would go visit my girlfriend (now wife) and she lived on the 8th floor of a building; and there was no air conditioning. It would get VERY hotl sometimes over 100F. I brought my AMD Athlon XP 2800+ rig there a few times to play games while she worked an 8-hour shift and I noticed that my rig wasn't stable at stock!

    In my current rig I've got a crap load of fans and I fricking hate it, it's way too damn noisy. The next rig I build I'm going to go for fast AND quiet. I probably won't overclock it, but the peace of mind will be well worth it.
  6. Quote:
    2-3 weeks? Christ, did you order from Hong Kong by boat?

    That's what I was thinking... lol
  7. basketcase said:
    That's what I was thinking... lol

    Well that was the estimate given by the retail dealer as they didn't have either the cooler or the paste in stock :)
  8. Try what I've got, 250 mm side case fan. Athlon 5200+ x2 idles at 28ish degrees celcius with stock cooler. I love it!!!
  9. Btw, this is probably a lame question but does it affect mobo temps whether I choose to connect case fans to mb or straight to the PSU molex-connectors? I know the current draw of the fans is minimal but after all it puts some more strain on the motherboard voltage regulators? Or is this issue purely theoretical in terms of mb temps.
  10. I use the Zerotherm Nirvana. ~30c Idle, and ~45c under load (AS Ceramique) has spiked to 48c AMD 5000+ BE OC'ed to 3.2+
  11. Dude your temps are fine. These CPUs can do 75 degrees, but I wouldn't recomend crossing that. My 3800+ single core (no comments please!!) with 250mhz OC running at 2,65Ghz was hitting 68 deg in the summer!! No problem
  12. blashyrkh said:
    Dude your temps are fine. These CPUs can do 75 degrees, but I wouldn't recomend crossing that. My 3800+ single core (no comments please!!) with 250mhz OC running at 2,65Ghz was hitting 68 deg in the summer!! No problem

    Yeah it's not that I am overly concerned about my temps. I am just interested in learning these things :)
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