ASUS P5N-D SLI compatible?

Is Asus P5N-D fully SLI compatible? will it run two GPU's both on PCI-E 16x?
Will two 9800GTX's fit in there? (the salesman told me that they wont fit...)
thanks in advacne!
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  1. Yes, it is SLI compatable and it will run both cards at PCI-E 16x. I see no reason why 2 9800GTX's will not fit.
  2. OK thanks alot , I dont see why the salesaman told me that..maybe they didnt know :D
  3. Can anyone tell me in 100% that the ASUS P5N-D SLI is capable of running
    two video cards in PCI-E 16x?
    The reference nvidia chipset (nForce 750i SLI MCP) is only capable of 2x8x PCI-E...
  4. go here look at the specs
    Yes it will run to cards SLI X16 PCI 2.0.
  5. OK with that sorted , is this MOBO any good?
  6. I have been using it for about 2 months now with no problems. HOWEVER, SLI is really really tight with two 9800 GTX+s. I mean tight tight. I can barely get my finger between the two card.

    FURTHERMORE -- When you throw in a second card you will need a PCI SATA adapter because the second card completely covers the onboard SATA ports.
  7. I know this thread is a bit stale, but I have the P5N-D with a GTS-250 installed (same form factor as the 9800 GTX+). Aiktroyw - how does the tight fit affect cooling for one or both video cards?
  8. I've had no cooling issues with either of the installed 9800s. However, the card which is closer to the NB runs a little hotter. These cards fans offer plenty of cooling and when the fans are spun up to 75-80% its loud.... One interesting issue with my cards is once they spin up the stay at that speed until I reboot. I installed Riva Tuner and now use custom profiles to manage my fan speeds.
  9. I have two Gts 250's on my P5N-D, only issue is the SATA connectors are in the way, four are provided and two are useable with SLI with my Cards
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