Emachine w3400 bios doesnt see sata dvd burner

i got an emachine w3400 i just bought a new samsung sata dvd burner i connected them but when i go to bios i dont see anything about enabling sata nor do i see my sata burner, the same about my computer and device manager any ideas?
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  1. how old is the computer? some of the older SATA controllers won't recognize SATA optical drives. try flashing the bios to the most recent version
  2. it is 5 years old, i dont see anything on emachines website about a bios update, or sata controller. is there another way i flash the bios, btw i removed the cmos battery and the jumper and it still did not recognize the sata burner.
  3. Did you just replace an old one or add an extra drive?
  4. i replaced my ide dvd burner with this samsung sata burner
  5. You need to change the IDE controller in the bios. It should be under the integraged peripherals tab.
  6. i checked the bios all it has is sata diable and ide controller as options i dont see a sata enable for an option, do i have to install sata drivers or a sata controller and if i do where cani find one for a emachines w3400?
  7. here are ome bios results for my system:

    BIOS Type: Phoenix-Award
    BIOS Date: May 13th 2005
    BIOS ID: 05/13/2005-RS480-SB400-6A666M4HC-00-None
    BIOS OEM: W7145AE7 V1.05 051305 16:09:13 - 6.00 PG
    Chipset: Athlon 1100 rev 0
    SuperIO: Unknown
    Manufacturer: Gateway
    Motherboard: W3400
  8. exact motherboard is 7145 v2.1 rs480m a21 sb400 a31, i took that off the motherboard itself
  9. That SATA contoller needs to be enabled.

    There are no drivers to correct this. It's a bios setting.
  10. ok how do i enabled the sata from bios? because the only 2 options are "sata disabled" and "ide controller"? will i need to update my bios and if so...how and where can i find on because i dont see any online with emachine?
  11. Can you highlight and change either setting?
  12. yes i can highlight and change from "sata disable" to "ide controller"
  13. I didn't find an updated bios available. You may need to get an adapter like this

    or return the drive and get an IDE one.
  14. i dont see why my mobo has the sata ports already installed on it, i should have to buy more ports to add to ports that are already there, btw i like sata better than ide, more room :)there has to be something. i will keep checking i contacted emachine about it i am waiting on a reply from them i will let you know what they say...if anything
  15. The whole time we've been looking at the bios.....but there are other possibilities such as a bad burner or cable. It'd be a good idea to try another sata device in your machine and your burner in another machine.
  16. i have same computer and mb the curent bios is 1.5 from msi, and the sata ports on the 7145 mb are 1.5g/s make sure your drave is backwards compatable to 1.5
  17. I have run into the same issue with my eMachines T6410. Same MS-7145 rs480m. BIOS has only "sata disable" or "ide controller". On the MSI website their downloadable BIOS file is for AMI. American Megatrends Inc?I!!!! I have a Pheonix Award BIOS.

    I called MSI, they say to use that AMI BIOS. I have tried flashing my BIOS with MSI's utility and it says chipset unknown and exits out. (Due to my physical chip having a 'Phoenix-Award' sticker on it :pt1cable: )

    I found Award's BIOS flasher and tried to use MSI's binary, it said, can't flash because its not an Award BIOS.

    I called eMachines and they told me to use MSI's file. I'm running in a circle to nowhere.

    I was originally trying to enable RAID on my RS480M mobo and the only way to do this was to update the BIOS. No update works. Dead end?

    Why the fudge does eMachines use a proprietary BIOS? Why do they disable RAID on that mobo?
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