-bird 1.33/FIC AD11 wont bootup

AMD T-Bird 1.33ghz
GeForce2 Pro

I just finished putting together my system, but when I turn on the power supply.....NOTHING. No beep, no leds, nothing. Its like no power is going to the mother board.

I'm trying to narrow down the choices/reasons as to why it wont bootup.

1.If I accidentally scratched/cracked the CPU(not saying I did)....would the system still AT LEAST power up and beep?

2. If the drives(floppy, HDD, CD ROM) werent plugged in correctly, would it still at least power up?

3. could it just be a doa motherboard. This board was refurbished.

4. If my video card isnt installed properly would I at LEAST get a beep and bootup?

5.power supply?

I dont think its my power supply, but Im not sure. I had 2 different power supplies and tried both but neither worked. of course they were never tested before so maybe they were both doa.

I just wanna narrow it down to exactly what would cause the system to not even bootup or beep when I turned it on.


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  1. I've had experience with a slot style proc. that was loose in the slot and wouldn't power up until it was seated good, so I assume if the proc is dead or broken the odds are just as good that it wouldn't power up.

    If your floppy cable is connected wrong (assume your talking about ide cable) the light on floppy usually just stays on but it will still come on.

    The last comp I worked on had a trashed video card and it powered up but never completely posted. It will check your ram and find your drives but will never display video or complete the post.

    I'd have to say its the power supply or the proc.

    Hope I helded
  2. To do a basic test just plug in the following parts
    PSU, System board Speaker, Cable for power button and CPU with Heatsink/Fan.
    If you power up you will get a memory error beep, if not then it's down to PSU, Sysboard, or CPU. some mobo's will still power on if there is no CPU but you will get nothing apart from the PSU fan spinning.

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  3. I have noticed with alot of reburb boards is that the CMOS jumper is set to clear
    make sure it is set to normal
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