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I was looking for a friend for a laptop, and she specificly wants a toshiba, and is lookinf to spend around $2k. I picked out <A HREF=" Pro&poid=209634&Adoid=178167" target="_new"> this one</A>.

Any suggestions? I am lost when it comes to laptops AND P4's. But by the spec, it looks pretty decent. Mainly going to be used as the second comp, to get away from the desk and also for travel. The only must is that it be able to handle multimedia, and networking. As for gaming, it is not a necessity.

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  1. That's a very good laptop (actually almost all of the Satellite Pro's are).
    I haven't any experience with that particular model, but i've own a very old 445cdx model....has lasted me 5 years without any problems...i added more RAM and installed Linux, and it's still flying today!
    IMO, Toshiba makes quality notebooks.

    <b><font color=blue>Via chipsets, SiS chipsets -- all the same...all made in TAIWAN!
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