Vista network file transfer memory problem

If I copy a BIG file from a network location, the RAM memory on that pc fills up till it's completely full and starts using the swap file, and it`s almost unusable, but this only happens if I use Vista to Vista PC`s, not Vista to XP

I know that other have this problem to, do anyone know a solution to this???
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  1. Anyone here have the same problem? the only solution I can find is to use lots of ram memory like 16GB, but even then it would probably not be enough if you transfer 100+ GB`s, or use Teracopy but it slows down the transfer rate
  2. I have the same problem, gets pretty annoying. Using Vista Business x64.
  3. heh old article, i have the same issue - start out at 90% gigabit speeds, then after it seems to fill the buffer it lags to 5% or less of gigabit speeds - this is with a hardware raid5 card - 2 different servers, vista to windows server 2003 transfer - i need a solution too
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Windows Vista File Transfer Memory Networking