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Just today i upgraded my laptop hard drive from 160gb to 320gb hard drive. I bought a bare hard drive off the internet and it was very easy to install. Here are my questions: When i opened my laptop to change my hard drive, i found to ports for two hard drives rather than one. At first, i tried taking the 160gb out to replace it was the 320gb, but then i decided to just keep them both in there. The question is this, when i restarted my laptop, it found new hardware, updated it automatically and said it was running fine. Now i looked for the second hard drive but i cannot find it. Still i can only find the 160gb hard drive. Does that mean, i have to fill up the first hard drive and let the second one start or how can i send something to the second hard drive and make it viewable as well as the 160gb hard drive?

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  1. You just need to have Windows recognize the drive. Right click on My Computer and go to Manage. Click on Disk Management. You should see the 320Gb drive listed.
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    You then need to allocate and format the drive as a primary drive.
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