Asus p5n-t Deluxe (bad board)

i all

I am having problem with this board for past few days. I am using latest BIOS but there is NO WAY i can boot (actaully it boots but 20sec after it freezes or BSOD) this board in windows at 1333Mhz. AT 1200Mhz windows loads but when i try to run 3dmark everything hangs. I am using patriot DDR800 memory and unlinked settings. CPU at 2Ghz (333x 6). I don't have any BOSDs at default but i want to squeeze more out of my E6700. I went from 1.2 to 1.9V NB and still it hanged every time.

I didn't find any guide about memory timing,but i doubt i have a memory issue since everything works on 1033 FSB just fine with memory at 800Mhz.

I ran out of options here, this board plain sux. Anyone had same problems?
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  1. I am having simular problems. Shop told me I had bad mother board. changed it, still having the issue. then they told me I had bad ram, and bad video card.\

    Not sure anyone know WTH is going on.
    If you find an answer shoot me an Email at :

    Thanks, jimmer
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