8800GT in SLI,3DMARK06 Score, does this seem kinda low?

So today I recieved my EVGA 8800GT's Superclocked 512mb (I bought 2 for SLI), and I ran 3DMark06 and only recieved a score of 6190, now granted that was at a resolution of 1900X1200. But doesn't that seem kinda low? Here are my system specs:

Dell XPS 600
Pentium D (3.2Ghz)
4gb of DDR2 5300 (667Mhz)
Dual EVGA 8800GT Superclocked 512mb in SLI
Sound Blaster X-FI audio Card
Windows XP Media Center 2005
Samsung DVD Burner
Stock Cooling, which isn't helping I am sure

Also I was running FRAPs while playing CoD4 with the setting's cranked all the way up on everything, and was only recieveing frame rates of 50 or so on average. I am a newb at all this, but I ask you does this sound normal? If not then did I get the wrong cards? Provide me with your email or tell me how to and I will attach the Excel Doc. that I saved my test results on, if that would help in understanding my issue better. Thanks.
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  1. I am getting 12,152 with the below system.

    You got the pci power wires plugged into the back of each card? How big is your power supply? Also, some motherboards come with 12v molex male plug in for extra power? Are you running a free version of 3DMark06 as you being a newbie I would be unsure why you would buy it? Try running it at the standard 1280x1024 setting.

    A Stock single 8800GT would get that score plus some even at that resolution. the superclocked version would get about 300 to 500 more points. I believe if I am correct with sli and ur cpu at that resolution that 10000 would sound right???

    help me out guys
  2. I had Dual 7800GTX's in SLI, and all I did was uninstall the drivers and unplug the old cards and plug in the new the same way, and then install the new drivers, and off I went. Was that wrong? Oh and I have 650watt power supply.
  3. Is that the old Pentium D or the New Allendale Pentium D? If its old it is bottle necking you hardcore. Also you need to run it on default settings to be able to compare it to everyone else. At that resolution your probably spot on for your setup. What did your CPU score?
  4. Ive got a single 8800gt superclocked and get 13500. Hummmm maybe the cpu bottleneck but it still should be higher than that.
  5. kustomizedstang said:
    Ive got a single 8800gt superclocked and get 13500. Hummmm maybe the cpu bottleneck but it still should be higher than that.

    Ya buut look at the resolution he is running. And what CPU do you have?
  6. That is quite a low score even for a single 8800GT.Did you change any driver settings in the NVIDIA control panel???Did you try disabling all unecessary processes???I have that exact card and it just rocks for me.Goodluck.


    X2 5600+ STOCK (2.8GHZ)
    2X1GIG DDR2 800 IN DC MODE
    ACER 22IN WS LCD 1680X1050
    250GIG HD/320GIG HD
    3DMARK05 15,686
    3DMARK06 10,588
  7. yeah rerun 3DMark at 1280x1024 to get a more realistic number. Then come back and let us know what it is.. We can help you better then as prolly none of us tried 3dmark at that res...
  8. I got my dell xps 600 in january of 2006 and al I know is that it's a Pentium D 3.2Ghz. I have heard about older CPU's bottlenecking bon here before. I payed $500 bucks for these cards, and they are gonna go in my first system build in about 6 months but for tha and that, I will get my money back and wait it out, if my system is gonna hold it back. I want the performance now, and I want the higher res. that's what i paid for. What do you guys think? Running FRAPs on CoD4 I am averaging approx. 40-70 fps, is that good, with all settings at high?
  9. I ran 3Dmark06 again, at the default setting 1280X1024, and left all the settings at default. I shut off every unused program, and ran the test. My new score is 7912, something is wrong here. These cards are going back to Newegg today. I have a feeling is might be my current setup bottlenecking as stated earlier. If that IS the case then I will just wait to buy cards when I build my new rig in a few months. Plus the cooling in my case is not exactly good, GPU 1 is reading 57 C and GPU 2 is running at 67 C at idle. Could that be the issue for the low scores? Above are my PC specs, if anyone needs them. I appreciate your feedback.
  10. See if you get better scores for each card seperately. Maybe one card is bad and screwing up SLI. Try each card seperate on default settings.
  11. ok I will do that and report back here. Thanks.
  12. If I had to venture a guess, I would say it's the rest of your system bottlenecking. I have a single 88gt running at Superclock speeds and am pulling in well over twice your score. Personally I wouldn't be in too much of a hurry to return those cards, just bring the rest of your system up to speed.
  13. Ok so I removed 1 of the 8800gt's and retested with 3DMark06. My new score is 7290 which I find very strange because if you read a few posts back that score with both cards in SLI was 7912. Maybe these cards are too high speed for my pc???? Again scroll up to see my PC specs. MAN is this disappointing! If I don't get this figured out than these cards are going back and I will just wait until July when I build my own PC. By the way I have the latest bios revision and the lateset drivers. Anybody else got an opinion on this???
  14. Now try the other card..... I don't believe your system is gonna bottleneck it that bad.... make sure you try the test at everyone elses standard. 1280x1024
  15. What is your CPU scoring? If your getting less then 1000 for cpu I would say your about right on the cards.
  16. Here are my CPU scores:

    CPU1 - Red Valley 0.515 FPS CPU Tests
    CPU2 - Red Valley 0.807 FPS CPU Test

    GT1 - Return To Proxycon 24.136 FPS SM2.0 Graphics Tests
    GT2 - Firefly Forest 23.813 FPS SM2.0 Graphics Tests

    Well I spoke to EVGA, and they to think that my system is bottlenecking, but they did say that my score might not be that bad, if I compared it to others running the same CPU, etc. I think tomorrow I will be sending them back to Newegg, I am going to wait and buy new cards after I build my new system. Thanks for everyones, input on this issue.
  17. You have the same problem i had with my system a while ago. Your CPU is a huge bottleneck for 1 of those cards...and two wouldn't help. If you want to use your GPU then your gonna want a Core2.
  18. Thanks for the info. bro. I have been hearing more and more about my processor being a bottleneck. Looks I will be building my new pc even earlier than I expected. I was gonna return these cards to Newegg, but then I realized that they have stupid 15% restocking fee, and I paid well over $500 bucks including the shipping, so that's like $80 bucks I will lose out on so instead, I am going to start buying the case, power supply, and fans etc. until I can afford the rest. Hey I am planning on buying the EVGA 780i mobo, and a coolermaster 850 watt power supply, and getting a Q6600 processor, and 4gb of ram. I will be stuffing it all into a coolermaster stacker 832, with around 6 fans, and a zalman cnps9700 zalman cpu cooler. Does this sound like a good setup with these cards? I welcome your opinions. Thanks.
  19. Hi,
    I can confirm this..
    I have the following system now:

    Pentium D930 @ 4ghz (33% OC) 1.41vcore (1.38-1.39IRL)
    4gb Corsair Ballistix blah blah PC8500 led 1:1 synched
    Abit Fatality FP-IN9 SLI (nf650i)
    WD SATA2 16MB 500gb hd for system, etc
    + some other hd's

    OS: XP PRO 32bit

    In 3dmark 06, with latest SLI drivers, etc. bios tweaked, I get 9640 points, where about 2100 points are for CPU. I also get less than 1 fps in the CPU-test.

    The SM 3.0 I get over 5000, maybe 5500.
    Then the rest (over 2500), I get on SM 2.0

    The SLI needs some CPU and the old pentium d's are not doing a lot per mhz, compared to the newer cpus...

    I'm waiting for my E8400 to come in stock (have been waiting for many weeks).

    Ps. I have also done some real life testing:
    D930 @ 3ghz (oem clock) and with SLI, latestd rivers.
    Crysis benchmark tool (crysis 1.1.), everything @ high and 1024x768:
    avg fps: 20, min fps 6, max fps 37.

    Then, clocked up to 4ghz:
    avg fps: 30, min fps: 10, max fps 49!

    This is a 50% increase in crysis FPS AVG!!!
    I also ran it with 1280x1024 and same settings, got almost the same score.

    Then, what I did.. I clocked another 100mhz! Guess what?? 9% increase in fps!!!

    I tried clocking the PCI-E bus too, but 0 fps difference, so this is not an issue (even though the card only utilizes dual 8x in sli mode).

    So, yes.. You need a good cpu for Crysis.
    Looking forward to my e8400, hoping to clock it about 1ghz that too :-)
  20. sorry, cruical I mean!! (unable to edit my post)
  21. Olavxxx, thanks for the info. that confirms what I have been told. Thanks, great post!!! In a couple of months I am going to start building my FIRST system, so I am pretty excited about that. You can scroll up to see what I will be working with. THEN I outta get some good numbers. Thanks again.
  22. bryan240g said:
    Hey I am planning on getting a Q6600 processor. I will be stuffing it all into a coolermaster stacker 832

    I would suggest one of the Yorkfields when they are released also I have the same case and a nice feature is the side fan door which I have the lower fan toward the front of the case blowing in and the lower fan toward the back blowing out. That setup keeps my 2 GT's nice and cool with very little noise.
  23. Rig in 1st post definitely a huge CPU bottleneck, pentium d = baaaaad
  24. Ok cool, but whats so good about the Yorkfields? I am only asking because I am a noob at this and have no idea why that would be good. Is it made better or something?
  25. bryan240g said:
    Ok cool, but whats so good about the Yorkfields? I am only asking because I am a noob at this and have no idea why that would be good. Is it made better or something?

    45nm, 12MB L2 cache, 1333FSB. Runs cooler and should be faster than the current Quad cores. They've been delayed but should be out soon, from what I've seen it should be around the 18th-24th of March. A few places will allow you to preorder which isn't a bad idea because the prices are bound to go up as soon as the chips are officially released. The Q9450 should be the sweet spot.


  26. How about this one, for OC'ing? I have been reading that the Q660 can be OC'ed to 3.4 on air stable. This one is in my price range, is it gonna be good for OC'ing?

    2.66 GHz 95W 12MB $316
  27. It should be as good or better.
  28. hi im new to this but i need some help, i have just bought another evga 8800 gts 640mb acs3 ko edition and ran 3dmark06 (Full version) with a single card i get 9724 but when i sli them i get 9089 thought thats abit strange. here is my rig

    e6850 x2 3.0ghz
    6gb adata ddr2 800 6400
    evga 680i mobo
    2x 8800gts ko sli
    500gb hdd
    coolmaster 650w psu

    i thought with sli i should be pushing 12k
    the sli is all setup ok
  29. ^ you get 9724 w/ a single 8800 gts 640?

    thats weird I get 12100

    and you have a better processor than me....
  30. i know dont know what wrong. ive tried everything
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