Xigmatek screw down kit vs pushpins

Is it worth the trouble to install the screw down kit for the Xiggy HDT-S1283? How much of a temp drop did you get vs the pushpins included with it?
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  1. depends on pressure and contact surface.


    imho, pushpins aren't going to get anywhere near the pressure of am2 clips or screws.
  2. i recommend the screw down kit, i hate those pushpins
  3. Thanks for the replys guys! I know in theory the screw down kit is the way to go, but I would really like to hear from folks that actually made the change. My 1283 has no play at all with the pushpins but I was hoping for lower temps than what I am seeing( 77c in coretemp in P95 ) for my Q6600-3.2ghz,B3 step,1.37vcore,Tuniq TX2 paste to be P95 stable. I really don't want to go through all the trouble of removing my motherboard for a 2c or 3c temp drop.
  4. I bought the screw kit straight up, what I like about it is it makes installation real simple. I took a look at the pushpins and got fairly confused by them...
    Whats great about the kit is it keeps that massive heatsink on very solidly, compared to the pins, which are very easy to install incorrectly because they are so confusing.

    And if you want to know what kind of temps I get with them, I can OC my Q6600 to 3.6ghz with 1.48V, and the temps don't ever go above 60C under load. Most of the time I leave my Q6600 at 3.2ghz, 1.35V, and at idle its about 32C. Under load its about 50C.

    So temps are great, I highly recommend the kit because its easy and applies more force than the pins.
  5. I would go for the screw kit. I used the pushpins and I didn't have any issues honestly. But, I think just to be on the safe side I would rather have had screws instead of those pins.
  6. 7 extra dollars for knowing that it is tightened down. That seems like a deal to me.
  7. B3s run hot! I tightened my TRUE 120 and then loosened it and tried again with little change in temps on my GO so unless it is really loose it probably won't help. Try putting some pressure down on the cooler while running to see if it lowers the temps. If it doesn't make that much difference then the backing plate probably won't either. However, getting a higher cfg fan may help. That did more for mine. I have also heard that over tightened coolers contribute to sensor problems but your call.
  8. Push pins suck! Get the screw down kit and don't look back.
  9. one-shot- 7 dollars is not a problem,I promise you! It just that I don't want to go through all the trouble of removing my motherboard for a couple of degrees temp difference! If I could get the temps that doomturkey is getting I would take out the motherboard in a heartbeat. doomturkey-Do you have a GO or B3? Also whats the temp in your house? I keep my house at 25c. Is that P95 temps? Craxbax- I tried a 2500rpm Reflexo fan and the temps only drop 1c in P95 and the fan was loud as heck! Of course I tried remounting the heatsink and different thermal paste also. I even tried mounting it east-west instead of north-south. I will try pressing down on it in P95 and see if the temps drop. rabidbunny- The pushpins seem to be holding it really tight, I have no movement at all in the heatsink once its mounted! I still would like to have at least 10 replies from people that actually ran it with pushpins and made the switch to the screwdown kit before making my decision!
  10. + 1 for the bolt in. Makes life simpler and better performance.
  11. I have a Q6600 GO @3.0GHz running at a stock VID of 1.325v. I've tried many different setups and when checking my idle or load temps with Core Temp I don't see much of a difference in temps.

    My idle temps with either the push-pins or Thermalright LGA775 mounting kit are the same. My ambient is normally around 22-24C. Idle temps 36,34,28,34 and with Prime95 short FFT's running 56,56,48,51.

    I could be the exception to the rule or just have a weird chip or MB, but I've even lapped my CPU, mounted the S1283 vertically & horizontally, used the Thermalright mounting kit, run 2 "push-pull" Antec Tri-cools on med. (1600 rpm) and added fans to my case and haven't seen much of a difference. I've been running Prime Short FFT's for 21 min. and my Core Temp says I'm at 54,54,47,49.

    I use AS5 and it should be close to it's final curing time. I've also calibrated Real Temp and Speedfan the best I could (I can't lower CPU voltage), I figure my accurate temps are in the middle of what Core Temp tells me. About 32C idle and 52 load.

    If your trying to get accurate temps from others, be sure to get the ambient, case, fan type/speed, the program they use for load temps (short FFT's are good for max cpu temps), Temperature monitoring program and if it's been calibrated or not.

    I hope this helps some and I'm far from an expert. For me, the mounting kit (not Xigmatek's) didn't help my temps. I do like the mounting kit better than the push-pins, but you have to remove the MB which you already know.
  12. I have only had my Xigmatek for 2 days and already one of the pins came loose. I ordered the retention bracket.
  13. ballonshark-Thanks for the detailed answer! It seems that most people think that I am having a problem with the pushpins holding the cooler securely to the motherboard. That is absolutely not the problem. The pushpins are working great for me! Once locked down I have zero movement of the heatsink. I just wanted to know if the screw down kit would make a difference temp wise that would be worth going through the trouble of removing the motherboard. I pretty much think that in my case I won't see much of a difference with the screw down kit(same as you) since I have zero problems with the pushpins holding the heatsink securely. I am going to back the Q6600 down to 3ghz so I can keep my max temp below 65c in P95. As Craxbax posted earlier B3s' run hot and to tell the truth even at stock speed (2.4ghz) the Q6600 is plenty fast enough for me! Thanks everyone for your replies! You can consider this thread closed.
  14. I have the screw down kit, which I ordered and installed with the cooler in a new build.

    I would say it's not worth it to break everything down to install it, but you should have it on hand, in case a time comes when you are able to use it.
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