WD Mybook replacemtn power lead...

Does anyone know where to get a replacement power lead for an external 500gb firewire mybook, i cant find them anyhere!
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  1. Radio Shack sell replacement power bricks in a wide variety of voltages and currents.

    I have a 750 GB MyBook. It needs 12 volts at 2 amps. Center pin is positive. If you do this, take it with you to make sure the pin fits the socket on the MyBook.
  2. Hi jsc, thanx for the help but i am in the UK, and radio shck dont exist on our small island!!

    i will try an electircal retailer here and see what i can find

  3. Couldn't tell where you were from. Advice remains the same - if not Rat Shack, your local British equivalent.

    Something that you could do is wire it into the 12 volt output of a desktop computer if portability isn't that important.
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