Strange "delay" problem with system...Please help

Just recently, I have been experiencing a strange problem.....When I click something or try to scroll in a browser or document, the system hangs...or "delays" a second or three then continues on just fine for a few and then does it again.
I have had this system for a while (10/06)....X2 4400+, 2Gb Kingston Value Ram, DDR400 Abit AT8 32X, Samsung SP2514N HDD (Plus card reader/DVD burner and other misc. parts) and a new addition (11/07) HIS HD2600XT 256Mb GDDR3.

This "strangeness" just started a week ago and I am thinking a CPU/Mobo problem. PSU is good and is only as old as the build. If anyone has an idea as to what this really might be, please let me know. I am hoping to find out that this problem is a minor inconvenience and will not KO my system until I can get a new set of parts (That's for another thread).....You can PM or email me or post on the board....
Thanks in advance, Kevin.
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  1. friday0164 you could try doing a system restore from two weeks back,or run antivirus program to see if it's a virus.don't know what ps or mother board you have.hope this helps.
  2. MB -> Abit AT8 32X....PSU -> Antec 500W SmartPower 2.0

    Ran virus check after D/Ling latest updates and nada. System is CLEAN. Will try restore, but 1 question, as I have not done that before, but know the procedure: Will I lose any files or saved games if I do the restore?
  3. friday0164 yes!
  4. OK...I guess I should off load the saved files and saved games to the external so they are not lost....then try the restore. Will let you know how it goes: Tonight if it does good, tomorrow from my PC at work if it doesn't go well.....
  5. friday0164 good luck.
  6. Well, doing a system restore did nothing. In fact, WinXP said it could restore it do the date I tried. OH, now what??
  7. Maybe here's a clue as to what's happening:
    I right clicked the "My Computer" icon and it told me my CPU was a AMD 4400+ @ 2.2GHz....5 seconds later, in the midst of a "delay", I did it again and this time it said @ 989MHz.....Also, just started noticing the CPU core voltage dropping to 1.1-1.2v from the 1.4-1.425 it's normally at (but all other voltages are pretty much stable),.Could this be the problem?And add to all that, my HDD seems to be being accessed a whole bunch more than normal...

    Hmmmm, CPU going? Bad PSU? or bad Mobo? Hopefully, since I am planning a new build soon (new MB/CPU/RAM), this isn't a PSU issue. Can't quite afford the parts PLUS a PSU.
  8. That usually happens when a Computer is not stable.
    I wouldn't worry about the voltages, most software reporting tools don't work well for me either- says my 4200+ is getting 1.184v to 1.216v.
    I would check the memory, using Memtestx86, as that can also cause instability.
    Also, check your HT Link, and make sure it's not too far over 1000, that causes instability in AMD Processors.
  9. Sounds like cool and quiet is lowering your cpu speed and voltage.
    What are your power management settings? Try disabling cool and quiet and see if that helps
  10. click on things a few seconds before you need them.


    but i dunno, it's late and i'm hungry.
  11. Cool 'n Quiet on or off affects no change in the weird behavior....

    I have decided to upgrade my system....BUT...If you would still throw your two cents in as to what might be causing it, we might be able to help others....
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