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Hello, Dear Readers,
I recently bought a acer aspire 5310 (Vista Home Premium) for my daughter to use for Her college work.
however we had major problems connecting to the internet via wlan although it would connect to my network.
After speaking with my ISP and discussing it over the net with many forums and so-called experts i found no answers. my ISP just wanted me to change my security settings from wpa-psk to wep, which I was reluctant to do. I have desktops and other laptops in my property which all connect fine on these settings via my current wireless connection.
After a week or so of pulling my hair out i decide that because by factory default the acer ihas 3 partitions 1=PQ service 2=ACER and 3 Spare. that I would try and install windows XP Pro on partition 3(spare). this could not be done, and despite trying to boot it up as normal after this it would not boot. firstly it was telling me that the boot Manager was missing. I did not recieve any recovery disks when purchased allthough I do know that the recovery was built into the system somewhere. I took out the hard drive and connected it to my desktop via a external reader I could see that there was around 10Gg of partition which was the PQ service.( i' was not familiar with what this was for. partition 2 was named ACER and was innacessable and unable to read and partition 3 was spare. on re-installing the hard drive in the laptop and changing a setting in the boot system it loaded XP and installed it on the PQ servicepartition. as you can imagine my daughter is dissapointed that she no longer has vista. plus where back to the same old problem it will not connect with buit in wlan.
I Would be very gratefull if you could provide me with a direct link to down load the necessary data to re-install the PQ service and recovery discs that work. after downloading the recovery disc from Acer i seem to get a message about not d2d enabled. Please Help.....Yours beggingly
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  1. You can't restore the recovery partition with a download. Either get a recovery disk from Acer or just use XP you have now. Did you check for the latest drivers from Acer for the wireless card? Have you tried to change the security to see if that worked? Your card and the router may not want to work well, it happens at times. You can also try a new external WiFi card.
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