Xeon E3110 motherboard support

I know everyone's had a hard time finding e8400's in stock.

I also know that the Xeon E3110 is essentially the same chip just rebranded and probably tested a little further.

What I'm not certain about is if there are any Socket 775 (LGA 775) motherboards that would not support it?

More importantly, I'm curious about the EVGA 680i motherboards. Has anyone purchased a Xeon E3110 and tried it on a EVGA 680i motherboard?

I imagine it will work fine as long as the bios is updated to the latest revision. However, it would be nice to know beforehand.

Thanks. :)
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  1. According to EVGA's forums the 45nm Wolfdales(Dual Core) will be supported, for a quad you will need a 7 series mobo.
  2. I have run E3110's just fine in Gigabyte EX38-DS4, P35-S3G, and P35-DS3L motherboards.
  3. this e3xxx series is really intriguing me. why have intel ditched there Land grid 771 for the LGA 775 for there Server chip and then put there high end desktop chips onto LGA771, i know it has allot to do with chip set, but i find it kinda funny.

    maybe one day intel will switch there server chips LGA775 and desktops to LGA771
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