Limited connectivity or none?

When i try to connect my laptop (vista), my PS3 and dads laptop to the wireless BT home hub in our house it comes ups as limited connectivity on my laptop and has no connectivity at all on the playstation. They have all connected before on this network and accessed the internet, working fine. I have tried to phone BT but they keep asking for a wired connection so that they can get on the computer and work out what was rhe problem. But this wouldn't work because the cable from the home hub won't fit into my laptop.
I would be plesed if you could give me a solution to this problem.
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  1. The BT home hub has automatic channel select set as default -- it may select a different wireless channel at power-on if it detects neighbouring wifi networks.

    That may not be the issue, but it puzzled me when I first played with one of these.
    More likely it's to do with wireless security.

    The wired connection BT help are talking about is an ethernet network cable which will fit several ports on the home hub.

    If your computer lacks a Network Interface Connector, it would be worth adding one as they are fairly essential when configuring a router like the home hub and for connecting to other networked equipment.

    I would recommend shopping for a PC card or USB version of a NIC as they cost very little.

    Then BT may be able to sort of your problem -- though frankly there's nothing difficult about configuring the home hub, once you get past the unit's rather arcane login procedure (which is described on BT's site).
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