Auzen prelude sound card is messing my pc up, help (just got bsod)

ok to start off here are my specs

windows xp, sp2
Q6600 @3GHz
8800gts 512mb
2gb ram
Asus Maximus Formula

Ok i just recently bought the auzen x-fi prelude 7.1 sound card. I took the sound card out that came with the maximus formula and stuck the prelude in. I am currently using the optical cable to my logitech z-5500s. And so i went to their website and downloaded the drivers. Windows said it detected a new pci slot thing. i said cancel. I loaded the drivers and restarted. And again, even though i had already installed the drivers, that little window popped up saying it detects a new pci slot and asks to see if it can load drivers. i again said no since i had of course loaded the drivers (it even shows them in add remove programs). The sound works (not too stunned with it, just as good as the asus maximus sound card... sadly) but anyways, so now when i try to open any program there is a fairly large delay, where as normally before i installed the new sound card it was nearly instantaneous.

I know i have been rather vague, but does anyone have any ideas?

*edit- ok i just got a bsod, it said the following:

0x000000BE (0XB2FA9400,0X1F1CF121,0XB1E158A8, 0X0000000B)

ctoss2k.syys address B98COFFE base at B98E000, Datestamp 47669945
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  1. Regarding the sound on the center speaker, if you puch the "Level" button on the Logitech control panel, it will show settings for subwoofer, surround, and center speaker. Just turn the "center speaker" down.

    As to Windows detecting the new card, when that window comes up, don't cancel it. Instead, when it asks where to go for the drivers, you can manually direct it to the drivers that you previously downloaded. Then it should install the card correctly.

    Auzentech has had a number of driver problems, so their cards don't always beat the motherboard's sound. Also, Auzentech uses a Creative X-Fi chip, but Creative hasn't allowed Auzentech to use their entire driver package. Auzentech has been working on its own set of drivers, but the last I looked, they were incomplete. As for the sound not being much different from the on-board sound, often times the best thing about a separate sound card is that it offloads the CPU and games then gain 2-5 FPS, not whether it sounds all that much better.

    Don't know about the BSOD you got.
  2. thanks very much for the very informative post :)

    so that means i have to uninstall the drivers again? and get windows to auto detect it?

    ok ****.... now my sound like clicks... or lags... omfg.....
  3. Yes, it might be best to uninstall the drivers and go through the hardware setup again. You might even go so far as to physically remove the card and reinstall it as well. When the computer starts, go through the auto detect and when it asks for the driver, direct it to the folder where you have the drivers downloaded.

    As it is, the card isn't properly installed and may cause all sorts of troubles. The sound may be trying to run through the CPU or using the hard drive for a virtual memory, thus causing a lag and the "clicking" sonds.
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