um..... oop?

well ok installed a thermalrite 120 on a 9550 right. so then like i screw it on and everything. I test to see if it moves and it does. its hard to move it around but it will move and the screws are as tight as possible. what should i DO! is it supposed to be liek this or is it ruined? like the thermalright moves left it right when I push it hard do i need to reapply thermal paste or what or is this ok?
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  1. Thermal paste has nothing to do with it. I'm not familiar with the mounting system. Are you sure you did it right?
  2. you should be fine. its probably just a little old gigabyte cooler moved to but it was a clip on. and temps were great on that thing.
  3. i would say if you get low temp than its fine.
  4. All of the thermalright coolers of this design swivel like that. It feels wrong, but you should be fine.
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