Two HDD but unsure what to do

Sorry but that was the only way I could explain this. I have 2 hdd in my computer both 160g. One is mainly for storage. I recently had a problem where my main hdd was logging on very slow. I am not sure what caused this. I tried to remove some programs and this did not solve the problem.

So I decided to use my storage hdd as the boot hdd and start fresh. But here lies the problem. I would like to run this at full efficiency. I was wondering if I could partition this hdd to have the OS on 15g of space and the programs on another partition. Basically I am trying to get the best results with what I have and have a faster log on time.

By the way I have 3g of ram and my Processor Name Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6320 @ 1.86GHz (2 Cores)
Bus Speed 1067 MHz
Processor Speed 1.866 GHz

I really hope I made sense here. Thanks
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  1. Hi there,

    If I understand you correctly with you saying that you were having problems logging on to you machine then most likely it was a windows issue. I'd leave the storage disk as it is and if you want to start fresh, just do a format on the old system drive and re-install the OS etc.
    You could always check the drive for problems etc first just in case.
  2. ^+1^
    I agree with takenra, that is most likely a Windows problem because logging in is the only slow part and nothing else is the problem. What I would do is backup your computer on your older drive then reistall Windows on the other, then transfer your data back to the newer one.
  3. I would suggest a format of the primary drive first. See if that fixes the slowness problem. It's more likely there is something wrong with that drive than your windows install, but a fresh format will give you the answer.
  4. Before doing anything defrag the hard drive with the OS. Probably will not fix the issue, but it is a basic step that will not damage or destroy any of your files.

    If that does not work then insert your Windows disc and try and repair Windows. This can "break" some programs or games, that that can be fixed by installing then re-installing the program or game.

    The final step will be to re-install the OS on the 15GB partition you wanted to create. I have XP on a 20GB partition.
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