Overclocking Questions!! E8500

Hey guys, Couple questions. Right now I'm stable at 425 x 9.5 = 4.03 Ghz @ 1.314V. At idle im around 45 C and underload im 60-65C (65 is after hours of prime95). Is 65 a high temperature? I might try to remount my AF7 heatsink because I don't think I did a very good job with it the first time (Didn't really know what I was doing, the heatsink went "down" onto the cpu and then came "up" about 3-4 times). Also is 65 C a high temp for only 1.314V? I have 2 intake fans, 2 exhaust fans, and 1 side fan for intake onto my GPU. It's all in an antec300 btw. Thermaltake thunderblade 120mm fans for the intake/side. I've seen people pushing their CPU's to 1.45V and whatnot (though I think 1.4 is the most I would do), but I can't even get up there because im worried about my temps!

Another question is if it is "better" to have a lower fsb and use the highest multiplier, or maybe have a higher fsb and drop the multiplier down? Or is it more of whatever works, kinda deal?

Setup as follows:

Gigabyte EP45-DS3R
Intel C2D E8500
Arctinc Freezer Pro 7
mushkin PC6400 2x2gb
ATI HD4850
Corsair TX650 PSU
all in an antec 300
2 120mm intake fans, 1 120mm side-intake, 120mm exhaust, 140mm exhaust
my wire management is pretty good btw, good airflow through the case. i was able to shove most of the wires out of the way into a little side pocket the antec300 has :)
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  1. forgot to mention: im using CoreTemp and HWMonitor to look at temps while prime95 is running and theyre both about the same. Is realtemp better/more accurate?

    i also think if i cant get the temps down, ill lower the fsb to 410 or so and then reduce the voltage so i can get a load temp of 55 or so
  2. CoreTemp has been known to have accuracy issues with 45nm procs. Use RealTemp for an accurate reading.

    Running the highest multi possible is always the best idea.

    65C is a fine load temp, you aren't doing any damage and their is no way real world use will get your proc to 100% load on both cores anyways. That said I would probably stop here if you have been having low or normal ambient temps. If your ambient is high than you can probably push temps a bit higher as they won't normal be this high.

    vcore isn't the only thing that causes heat, clock speed does as well, vcore just happens to cause the most heat but you have a heavy OC for air and I wouldn't expect much more.
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