MSI 8800GT OC (G92) vs eVGA 8800GTS (G92)

Heat is not an issue - which would you buy?

MSI NX8800GT OC - 512MB ($200)
Core clock: 660MHz
Stream Processors: 112
Memory Clock: 1900MHz


eVGA GeForce 8800GTS - 512MB ($260)

Core clock: 670MHz
Stream Processors: 128
Memory Clock: 1940MHz

What is the difference in performance of a factory-overclocked 8800GT vs 8800GTS (G92)? And is it worth $60?
Also what is the OC potential of both these cards?
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  1. The g92 is better, no matter what. what what resolution do you play at?
  2. the both are G92 core...

    i currently play on 1280x1024 but I am going to buy a new better monitor with probably higher resolution.

    PS: My cousin is buying a new PC and wants me to build it...he needs it he can't wait for the 9-series.
  3. If heat is not an issue, then I think the MSI GT is the better buy. I don't feel the premium for the GTS is worth it if heat is not an issue. The MSI has their improved cooler anyway, so even lessens the heat (non)issue.

    My $.02
  4. Avoid both cards. Buy the X2 or depending on the display the 3870. You spend less on performance per $$ and you will get dx10.1 support that will grant you some nice dx10 performance soon. The Nvidia options are out of date and will never support anything but the current version of DX10 that has plagued us with super piss poor performance. None of the 9 series cards will support dx10.1 either. Nvidia's declining sli support and bad future proofing are going to boost ATI sales for sure.
  5. the 3870x2 is $500...isn't it? thats way too much for a decent budget build.
  6. I can vouch for the MSI NX8800GT OC, I just put it in my new build this week. I have to reinstall windows tonight so I haven't really played around with it, but heat definitely does not seem to be an issue. If you have an Antec 900 like I do or another well-ventilated case I wouldn't worry about it. I'm very happy with my choice, I think it's definitely worth the 60 bucks you save, since the main appeal of the GTS is the better cooling.
  7. I'd say the 60 bucks more is worth it for the GTS, More SPs (128 vs 112), they tend to clock better.. 800+ Mhz, and better cooling.
  8. GTS vote here...but both are good choices.

    GTS has the better cooling and although I'm not citing any sources, it's a faster card. Both are G92s, so good choice so far.

    What's the motherboard these are going into? If it's an nForce chipset (SLI motherboard), then the extra cooling from the GTS will come in handy, assuming there is enough room to fit both cards. And you have a viable upgrade path there.
  9. I believe the OP is referring to this card. as he said in his original post, heat i.e. cooling is not an issue. The GTS overclocks a little higher, but with both cards overclocked to the max, the GTS offers 10-15% better performance. The question to the OP is whether or not the 10-15% performance gain is worth the 30% or so ($60) price premium. It's worth it to some but not to others.
  10. Yea heat may not be an issue with a single card, but unless he's running water cooling, which (budget rig), I highly doubt, heat can become an issue when running two cards and especially if OCing two cards in SLI.

    But yea, 10%-15% performance premium would still be worth it to me.
  11. I have the MSI card and just on stock cooling I could get 725/1010 overclock using the nvidia tools.. Im sure if I could use nbitor or whatever its called and up the power by .5v I could easily get way more than that.. And getting an after market cooler.. It could prolly beat out the GTS easily. Maybe even compeat with the GTX as I have seen the fram rate is not too much higher....

    I cant say much for evga but for the extra stream processors.. and if you get one with a decent cooler.. you could prolly kick some butt with that one as well..
  12. no plans on SLI..I just want 1 card and as stated, just wondering is $60 is worth it for the 8800GTS compared to the MSI 8800GT OC

    - Actually if I plan to run both - as OC to the stock 8800GTS and no extra OC to the MSI 8800GT -- what would you recommend? I would imagine that the MSI 8800GT OC would reduce the performance gap vs a stock 8800GTS - no?
  13. Yes, a fully overclocked GT is about on par with a stock GTS. The MSI would need a few extra 40 or 60mhz to equal a GTS at stock its stock 650mhz core. (The listed GTS is slightly overclocked as well.)
  14. GTS stock and the MSI GT at it's default OC is even less of a performance difference, so my opinion that the price premium is not worth it still stands.
  15. Qmalik with no plans on overclocking and no plans on SLI and no worries about heat, I'd have to say save the other money and go with the GT as well.
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