8800GTS 512MB with 300W power supply?

Hey everyone i just got a EVGA e-GeForce 8800GTS 512MB, along with the rest of my PC but, im waiting for my freind to come over and put it together. Iv got a 8500GT right now in my PC. But was wondering if i can install the 8800GTS without damaging it or the rest of the PC. Due to not having enough power.
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  1. without no the rest of your system. I'm going to say with 99.8% confidence that bad things will happen. Best case, nothing turns on. Worst case is the magic smoke will be let out of something or somethings.

    Edit: I think 450W is generally the minimum for Amp reasons
  2. XFX recommend a 500w minimum for a single card (8800GT, don't know about GTS) but that is for total system using a QX6700. Have you got one of those cpu's?
  3. I doubt it, your probably going to need to upgrade to a quality 400W+ range PSU, because most 300W PSUs will not have the amps on the +12v rail to run the graphics card, as vangvace said. You might want to look at an Antec Earthwatts series of power supply if you want something on a budget, also look at the Corsair VX450 if you can spend a bit more.
  4. Poof you will damage the graphics card, CPU, memory it would be like running a car without oil.
  5. I have a XFX 8800GTS 512 and the box states that they recommend a 600watt power supply with 26 amps on the +12v rail.
    I think you'll be Ok with a 500 watt power supply and maybe at a push a high quality 450 watt power supply if you only have 1 HD and 1 DVD drive and don't plan to overclock, anything less and you're in real trouble & as Gravemind123 has already stated 300 watts won't supply the necessary amperage on the +12v rail.
  6. I'd say 420W minimum and up.

    I'll bet your system would consume about 325-380W with that setup. There is quite a power jump between the 8500 and 8800GT. That being said, you can get a quality PSU for a reasonable price that should last you for a while.

    Specifically, if it's still available, newegg.com had a deal on the OCZ 500W StealthXtream for like $49.99 after MIR.

    To sum things up: I don't know if it will actually run on your system with the 8800GT + 300W PSU, and even if it does run... I wouldn't imagine your PSU lasting very long in those conditions. At the very least, I could see random BSODS or unexplainable crashes.
  7. I would not recommend trying to install that card into your system with only a 300w PSU. IMO, the risk of damaging components is too great.

    'cause if you let the magic smoke out of the box, it neeeeever works again...
  8. well i have a 850W but i didnt feel like doing all the work but i went ahead and did it and installed it. now i have to unistall it saturday to put it in my new pc
  9. really depends on the PSU. My 350watt psu has two 12v rails at 17A each... Though for a fact my cpu is bottlenecking the system. I am upgrading to a better system soon.
  10. Not a smart thing to do, get a high quality 500+ watt PSU.
  11. I have a Silverstone 750w and mine went caput after 1 month and took out three drives with it. I actually went up and switched it out but, I would get atleast that considering that you are going to have a quad. I seen a review at some site with a quad over clocked and 8800gts 512, bare minumum setup though and it was pushing 675w all together with out al the extras..
  12. Check out:PSU FAQ

    I would recommend that you get a good PSU listed here at XS PSU Tire Listing

    I would recommend a Corsair 450VX for your needs/budget.
  13. Shadow703793 said:
    I would recommend a Corsair 450VX for your needs/budget.

  14. Depends..... Does that power supply have a 6 pin cable that goes to the video card? If it doesn't.... I don't really recommend it.
  15. Quote:
    Dont pay attention to that stupid Tier chart. Just a get a good name, with enough amps plus headroom for your system. The power supplies I use are listed as Tier 4 and I've yet to have any of them fail on heavily overclocked systems, including my own system thats been running great for 18 months.
    I've even used Tier 5's (who hasnt in the past bought a case that came with a cheap power supply like raidmax), we all have. In fact that raidmax worked for 4 years and still worked when I trashed the case) Take that list with a grain of salt, if your rich and need absolute stability then yes go with tier 1.

    So, are you telling the OP to buy the cheapest crap PSU in the mid-high watt range? /chuckle While I agree that you should not take the information in the tier chart as gospel, it is still a good baseline to check against when shopping for PSUs. And no one said you HAVE to go with tier 1. Even the author of the list basically says at every tier (paraphrase) 'if pricing/availability of x tier is an issue, then start here [next tier down]'. IMO it helps me to work down the list until I find the best quality/price ratio to fit my budget and needs at the time. If I can find a tier 3 PSU for the same or similar price/watt ratio as a tier 4, well that's a no-brainer.
  16. stridervm said:
    Depends..... Does that power supply have a 6 pin cable that goes to the video card? If it doesn't.... I don't really recommend it.

    Brand CORSAIR
    Model CMPSU-450VX
    Type ATX12V V2.2
    Maximum Power 450W
    Fans 1 x 120mm Double ball-bearing fan
    PFC Active
    Main Connector 20+4Pin
    +12V Rails Single
    PCI-E Connectors 1 x 6Pin

    It does, as do most any modern/recent PSU made. (Though the connections offered by a PSU is something you should ALWAYS check before you purchase.)
  17. Well heres the PSU im using right now. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817171017

    I think its pretty good PSU.
  18. when in doubt, adding video cards, or needing extra power, consider using an Aux power supply. Fits in a 5.25 bay. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817101025
    This has 2x6pin connectors for video, and 2x8 pin for cpu power (would work really well to supply skulltrail. cables are provided to go from 6pin pci-e to 8 pin pci-e. It gets relatively warm and the 40 mm fans spin up pretty fast, i just used a hole saw to mount a 120mm to the outside lid.
  19. I still say get a good 700w but whatever.
  20. not completely true. I've been running 2 8800gts 512 on a 550w corsair psu for over 2.5 years now and it still runs. it all comes down to the quality of the psu. and i forgot to mention my q6600 is also oced with sound card and other things powered by the psu.
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