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Hello, while I was watching a movie on my desktop windows xp and suddenly my earphones sounded like a jet plane and it wouldn't stop. So I went to the control panel and by luck ended the noise by muting the wave control on my master volume . I was wondering why it decided to do this on its own and have I really fixed the problem?
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  1. If you unmute it, does the sound come back immediately even with no applications running? Do the movie sounds work with the wave muted?
  2. Yes the annoying sound did return when I unmuted it even with no application running. But then the problem fixed itself , it was nothing I did. It sounded like air being blown through the headphones. Really loud.
  3. I've decided to let sleeping dogs lie. Consider this matter finis/ thank you all.
  4. I' m done, thank you Yes, I have my answer. You needn't email me four or five times, I get it, I responded thank you very much for your concern
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