Best Graphics Card for under $200??

So i am planning on building a new computer soon and am wondering what you guys would recommend as far as the card with best performance under $200.
I am currently thinking about a Leadtek 8800gt g92 for around 189
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  1. That is the absolute best card you can get for below $200.
  2. Stay away from 256mb 8800 GTs.

    the 3870 (512mb) or 512mb 9600 GT are the best sub-$200 cards.

    If the Leadtek comes with 512mb, forget I said anything. ;)
  3. 9600GT 512Mb or HD 3870 512Mb are usually the best cards in the sub-$200 range, unless you can find an 8800GT in that price range, but those seem to be hard to come by as of late.
  4. Leadtek GeForce 8800GT (G92) 512MB

    This is the card you want. It'll be $216.97 shipped, but you've got a $20 rebate bringing it to $196.97 in the end.
  5. Yeah, 8800GT 512MB is the best. 3870 and 9600GT very good too if you hate rebates.

    You could also get the MSI for $200 AR. I'd prefer that cooler over the reference cooler like the Leadtek has.

    But if you want/need a single slot cooler, than this evga ot that Leadek is the one to get.

    One other option for you is the 8800GS. It's not the best you can get for $200, but it is the best bang for the buck right now IMO. $130 AR shipped free and you can get a free 4GB thumb drive with it. There's even a $5 rebate on the thumb drive should you decide it's worth mailing in for another $5 back. Anway, just wanted to mention it in case you would prefer to save a little more money. Such a good deal IMO...mine arrived today. ;)

    Ok last link (I promise). MSI 9600GT $180 shipped no rebates with the Witcher for free.
  6. cleeve said:
    Stay away from 256mb 8800 GTs.

  7. Thanks for all the input. One more question, would you guys say that the 8800GTS g92 is worth the extra fifty or so? I will be playing on a 1280x1024 monitor and sometimes on a hdtv 1080p.
  8. Ha ha sorry forgot to ask, what are the warrantee services of these other companies as compared to evga
  9. Any chance that you might upgrade that monitor in the near furture? There are many very good cards in the sub $100 LEVEL that will do very well at that resolution. 7600gt for one. If you are looking at a better monitor then spend the dough for a HD3870 etc.
  10. I will probably be upgrading to a 24", i cant remember what resolution, something around 1900x 1200 or something
  11. 7600gt yeah right..... 8800 gt will actually max settings at that res and the 7600gt wont.
  12. So the EVGA is a better than the MSI??? [...] 6814127329 [...] 6814130318

    I really wanted to go with a 8800GTS.G92 but money is tight, so I'm waiting for it to get down to $200 or make a choice of the 2 listed above. Oh is there really a BIG difference between the GT & GTS.G92???

    I'm not a bug gamer but like to play and was just worried about what I heard that the G92 runs cooler which kinda infers the GT's run HOT...
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