Blue screen of death; 0x000000F4; Vista stopcrack is infact being used

Hey, so..

Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't. I push and push and my pushing sometimes works. Either way I am a computer whisperer and I get into my files on Vista; windows explorer.


"Process or thread crutial *bla bla bla* unexpectedly exited or terminated

***STOP: 0x000000F4 (0x00000003, 0x862F8D90, 0X862F8EDC, 0X822AA590)

Disable bios memory options; caching or shadowing. "

Please help me out. HDD errors are also coming up, and I call BS on all of them. The hard drive is fine. 640 GB Toshiba.

IBM Lenovo T61P T7700 Intel Core 2 Duo cpu, 2.4 GHz, Nvidia, 3.0 GB Ram

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  1. Why do you think it's fine when it tells you there are errors? Just because the thing is not on fire does not mean there are no issues with it or the file system. Did you run a drive test utility?

    Start by re-installing Windows, no clue what the "push and push" thing you are doing but it does sound like there are pretty bad things happening with your setup.
  2. Yes about a week ago I ran the disk error checking with no success 4 times in a row (There were no bad sectors found 4 times in a row. It is a 640 GB HDD).

    What I mean by push and push is having absolute patience with the machine, and trying anything to get it to work properly, in any different configuration, and out of nowhere it will work. Has worked for me every single attempt whether it took me an hour or it took me 30 seconds it worked. I changed the order in which certain hard drive selections booted in BIOS. I even put them in different orders keeping in mind that some of the ports weren't even being used for those hard drive 1's and hard drive 2's and usb hard drives ect.

    It seems as though there is another error I don't think I mentioned.

    Intel Boot Agent Hardware Check Failure.

    I get that error right after the ThinkVantage option (immediately after start up)

    It says media test cable failed or something. Usually this happens, and its all good until later. The intel boot agent is the sign that I wont have an error at all, or that I'll have it right after I press enter with my password at login, after the roller stops spinning; and after it stops hesitating. Again, it will give a blue screen of death. It used to give me "Not_Less_Or_Equal" bios error, but I know for a fact that has to do with the V ista stop timer I installed. This BSOD is different. It is an add-on I am guessing.

    Well, it doesn't really matter anymore I don't think if anyone helps me. I am going to download and install a 64 bit x86 / x64 Windows 7 Professional, stick 8 gigs of ram into my machine, and say poof to those bloody stupid assed BSOD's.

    Listen, the last time I tried doing this stop timer thing, I waited far too long after too many not less or equal bsod's, with windows update and defender running when I didn't know it, and even with it off a few installs later, and lost my work every time, or just by the skin of my teeth got the work back.

    Thanks Microsoft!

    If it happens again, I am going back to Ubuntu Linux Desktop Edition 8.04 LTS with Wine. The Drunk program that up all over. I won't even be able to go screw myself on that OS. There are no errors. There is no RAM hogging.
  3. I'd replace the disk. Or at least change out the cables. If the disk error check you ran from Windows, it won't do you much good. You need to run a lower-level test, either from an option in the BIOS to test the drive, or from the PC vendor if they have a test utility, or from the drive manufacturer. If you don't want to replace the disk, make sure you keep backups of your data.

    Since the first parameter is a 3, it looks like a process is crapping out for some reason...

    Also, the fact you reported seeing a NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL BSOD [0x0A] strongly indicates a RAM problem. I'd run memtest86 on each stick of RAM, to make sure they don't contain any errors.
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