Hard Drive Swap from Dell Dimension 8200 to Dell 8300

I had a motherboard problem with my old Dell Dimension 8200 (uses a Maxtor D740X-6L AT drive) and trying to install it on a Dell Dimension 8300 (replacing the Seagate ST320413A drive on the 8300). I am not able to get the Maxtor drive to boot as the primary drive (even with setting the drive jumper as master) even if it is the only drive installed. The system does not even allow entery into the BIOS setup. I can get it to be recognized as a secondary drive when the Seagate drive is set as the primary and the Seagate will also boot when it is the only drive.
Anyone have any ideas on how to install the Maxtor as the only or primary drive?
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  1. If you set the seagate as master and maxtor as slave and it will boot and recognize the slave drive. Then you can use a disc utility to clone the data including metadata from the seagate to the maxtor then swap them or remove the seagate and it will boot from the maxtor as the master hard drive. I use seagate disc wizard which I downloaded from seagates website to clone my hard drives. It's simple, straight forward and works great. Dell likes to do stupid things to keep you from modifying your pc without paying them. But a disc clone will copy everything including metadata that tells the motherboard it's the correct drive. Good luck.
  2. Thanks Scorpio. I'll give it a try. I was wanting to avoid doing it this way, but if it's the Dell stupidity as you indicate, then it's good knowing I didn't overlook something real obvious.
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