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i have an MSI p7n SLI platinum, xeon E3110 and the AC freezer 7 pro hs/fan.
ive read over the temperature guide here on tomshardware and thought i was good as the speedfan is showing temp1 as the cpu as that is what heats up and cools down in response to heavy cpu load. however it is showing another temperature (temp2) that increases much slower. it usually idles around 40-45 and climbs after long periods of use to up to 55C (after about an hour).

temp1 (which i believe is my cpu) idles around 29C and max load around 45C.
temp2 (not sure what this is) idles around 43C and max load for an hour will raise up to 55C
temp3 (i disabled cuase its saying its -128C lol)
hd0 32C
hd1 34C
core (8800GTS 320) idle 60C, max load 80C
ambient 0C (never changes)

i just downloaded core temp and that is saying core#0 is idleing at 50C and core#1 is around 43C idle. and after running prime95 for about 15 mins core#0 load temp seems to be around 65C and core#1 load seems to be around 58C max (its hovering between 62-65 and 55-58 respectively.)

tj. Max on core temp is 105C which i believe is incorrect for my processor.

yes i am sure my cpu fan is installed correctly as i saw a decent drop in temperature from stock to AC7 (bout 5C idle 10C load reduced) according to temp1 on speedfan. and i made sure every clip was pushed all the way in (checked at least twice and the heatsink was firmly on the cpu)

edit: forgot to ask my question.
what i want to know is are these temps correct? would you consider them safe?
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  1. Just use the temp guide to calibrate speedfan based on ambient temp. It's the only way to be sure.
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